Sunday, September 11, 2016

Feeling Down? Cher Gives Advice To Fans Who Feel Like "Giving Up"

If anybody knows about not giving up, it's Cher!

The legendary 'Strong Enough' performer has had just as many career lows as she has had highs, and most of her heartbreaks and personal lows have made newspaper and tabloid covers during the last 50 years.

It is fair to say that Cher is worth listening to when it comes to advice on this subject. Especially if you are one of her millions of followers.

The 'You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me' singer used Twitter to reach out to her fans (whom she affectionately names "chickadees") about those that sometimes tweet her when they're feeling at their lowest:

"Sometimes, chickadees tweet about giving up, not being strong enough to go on. It happens to us all. Gotta find someone or something you love, and reach up, reach out, never give up.

"When it's a rough day for me, I think, 'Hhmmm, maybe someone out in Tweetville needs kind words, kick in the ass, encouragement, a kiss, or a "You're OK"'."

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  1. Hi Cher,,if it's really going to you!!!I'm done,i feel sad lonely,dont know were or what to do,,I feel like it wouldn't really matter to anyone if I'm dead or alive,,I'm sick got medical problem ,high blood pressure,diabetes,have stopped taking my meds,cry at every thing,,I got a fresh scrip of my sleeping pills,,would like to say fuck off and good nite,,than would I be missed????I dought it ,,but OK,youve made me so happy in my life,have followed and love your work,some of your music has made me feel,,I put up a good front ,,but inside I'm so fucking sad,,I feel like I'm alone,got no mother ,,grandmother,,loser for a father,,got 2 children ,but I think sometimes they hate me,,I've messed up in my life ,but said I'm sorry,,what more can I say,,OK,if this gets to you,,,Cher,,,just tell me it's you ,,please ,,Rich