Sunday, September 18, 2016

Cher Lloyd Dresses As Her Legendary Namesake Cher For Halloween TV Special

Remember Cher Lloyd? The UK 'The X Factor' contestant is most famous in her homeland for her #1 single 'Swagger Jagger', whilst being most famous for her Top 10 'Want U Back' across the pond in the US.

The young starlet, whom managed to score two US Top 15 albums, was named by her mother after legendary 'Moonstruck' actress and 'If I Could Turn Back Time' singer Cher.

The young reality show participant has been away from the music - and overall entertainment - scene for the last two years. However, she very recently made her TV comeback in her native UK, and is following it up with an appearance on the Halloween edition of cult comedy quiz show 'Celebrity Juice'.

What outfit did she decide to wear? Like thousands of others every year, she used Halloween as an excuse to slip on a sexy Cher outfit, in a tribute to her highly-celebrated namesake.

It's safe to say that fans of the one-named original Cher became frustrated with Cher Lloyd when she burst onto the scene circa 2011 - as her name forced her to infiltrate the 'Believe'-chart-topper's search engine results! However, it's fair to say that Lloyd carries off the 1980's Cher outfit pretty well!

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  1. Cher Lloyd looks cute. We love the real Cher and now have a great young singer emulating her look.