Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Cher Gets Us Excited For Next Month: Talks About October Appearances and Exciting Announcement. Also Tweets About New CD!

Today, Cher once again mentioned that October is going to be an exciting month for her fans.

The Emmy Award-winning entertainer posted a tweet on social networking site Twitter stating that she will be very active in October.

Firstly, Cher revealed that will be heading out to support Hilary Clinton once again on her presidential campaign - in which Cher may perform a few of her hit singles!

Secondly, the 'Believe' star revealed that she will then be heading to Canada to promote her animal-rescue charity, before mentioning that she will be making an announcement - the one about her 2017 gigs no doubt!

Finally, Cher stated that she will be part of a round-table discussion - however, it is not clear what this will be in regard to.

The tweet stated: "October so busy. Going back out for Hillary. Going to Canada to speak about our animal-rescue charity. Then announcement, LA & round-table discussion in New York."

Moreover, the singer-actress tweeted about her new CD: "Was talking with Paul 'The Voice' (Mirkovich) about idea for new CD. He loved it... He's Amazing... Supportive, kind and talented."

All exciting news!

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