Friday, March 04, 2016

Twitter News Round-Up: Cher Talks About the late Alice Arlen, Songwriter Diane Warren & 'National Enquirer' Scandal

Cher 2016Cher touched a few different subjects during a series of tweets last night...

Cher a sign a courage and bravery for fan with breast cancer

One fan (@SkayMcCall) tweeted to Cher: "Every time I go to Chemo for my breast cancer, I wear your concert shirt.  You are a sign of courage and bravery for me. Thank you"

The 69-year-old showbiz survivor: "You are the Brave Girl. If I can help you in ANY WAY... I'm Honored."

Cher speaks about 'Silkwood' screenwriter Alice Arlen, who died aged 75

One Cher fan (@10peeps3 ) asked the singer about screenwriter Alice Arlen - who wrote Oscar-nominated 1983 drama 'Silkwood'' - following her death on Monday at age 75.

Cher, who was nominated Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars for her role in the film, said: "She was so kind. Thoughtful, nice to me. When we started 'Silkwood' I really had no part."

Cher comments further on "hater" who sold story of her to 'National Enquirer'

The Goddess of Pop tweeted: "Paul[ette] didn't want to be friends, but who knew? 'Meet me in person or it will get VERY UGLY' was real? Also prospect of money for story is nice... So strange it's happening to Pauli. She is really so sweet. I can be a little devilish, but mostly not too bad... Just human. Chickadees let's let this go. I've wasted more than enough of our energy on this craziness. I'm the one responsible for setting good vibe. Many kisses."

Cher also posted a photo of her two kittens, jokingly writing, "Kittens sleeping next to me, as I try and save my ass. I want their life... They don't read 'Enquirer', just 'Vanity Fair'."

Cher: Diane Warren should have won many Oscars

A fan (@bloodydaniel27) of the 'You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me' singer asked her about songwriter Diane Warren, who has written numerous songs for Cher since the 1980's, including 'If I could Turn Back time' and the aforementioned 'Burlesque' ballad.

Cher typed: "I think she's amazing and should have won many Oscars, but Best Song is picked by blue-ribbon panel".

U.K. publication 'The Sun' has reported on Cher's multiple internet death reports:

Cher has outlived reports of her death several times, both from cruel hoaxes and genuine mix-up. A stream of tributes flooded in when a Facebook page named “RIP Cher” was set up and attracted nearly one million likes last December.

The star’s reps had to step in and reassure heartbroken fans. They said in a statement: “She joins the long lift of celebrities who have been victimised by this hoax. She’s still alive and well.”

This followed a previous hoax in 2012 when a Twitter user created a fake tweet appearing to be from CNN reporting her death. The internet feared the worse once more following Margaret Thatcher’s death when the trending hashtag #nowthatchersdead led several users to believe Cher had passed away.

Story of Cher's death

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