Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Cher Ranks On Billboard's Greatest Hot 100 Acts Of All-Time

Cher first hit the Billboard Hot 100 on 03 July 1965 with 'All I Really Want To Do', and as a solo artist has racked up 33 hits on the chart - including four number ones. This places her among the most successful Hot 100 acts of all-time.

The singer placed 12 singles on the Top 10 of the chart during four decades of her solo career, including: the 1966 #2 'Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)'; 1970's #1's 'Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves', 'Half Breed' and 'Dark Lady'; 1989 #3 'If I Could Turn Back Time'; and her biggest hit, 1998 #1 'Believe'. The singer's latest Hot 100 placement was 2002's 'Song For Lonely', which hit #85.

Billboard's list of its Greatest Hot 100 Acts Of All-Time places Cher as its 16th highest female solo singer.

1 The Beatles
2 Madonna
3 Elton John
4 Elvis Presley
5 Mariah Carey
6 Stevie Wonder
7 Janet Jackson
8 Michael Jackson
9 Whitney Houston
10 The Rolling Stones
11 Paul Mccartney
12 Bee Gees
13 Rihanna
14 Usher
15 Chicago
16 The Supremes
17 Daryl Hall John Oates
18 Prince
19 Rod Stewart
20 Olivia Newton-John
21 Aretha Franklin
22 Marvin Gaye
23 Phil Collins
24 Katy Perry
25 Billy Joel

26 Diana Ross
27 The 4 Seasons
28 The Temptations
29 Donna Summer
30 The Beach Boys
31 Lionel Richie
32 Neil Diamond
33 Carpenters
34 Taylor Swift
35 Boyz II Men
36 The Jacksons
37 Connie Francis
38 Kenny Rogers
39 Beyonce
40 Brenda Lee
41 Barbra Streisand
42 Bryan Adams
43 Cher
44 Maroon 5
45 George Michael
46 The Black Eyed Peas
47 Bobby Vinton
48 John Mellencamp
49 Three Dog Night
50 Huey Lewis & The News

51 Gloria Estefan
52 Bon Jovi
53 P!Nk
54 Chubby Checker
55 Ray Charles
56 Foreigner
57 Kool & The Gang
58 Ricky Nelson
59 Duran Duran
60 Commodores
61 Bruno Mars
62 Eagles
63 TLC
64 Paul Anka
65 Barry Manilow
66 Dionne Warwick
67 Chris Brown
68 Lady Gaga
69 Gladys Knight And The Pips
70 Heart
71 Nelly
72 The Everly Brothers
73 Bobby Darin
74 R. Kelly
75 James Brown

76 Paula Abdul
77 Alicia Keys
78 Linda Ronstadt
79 Kelly Clarkson
80 Richard Marx
81 Starship
82 Destiny's Child
83 Celine Dion
84 The Miracles
85 Eminem
86 Jay Z
87 Bob Seger
88 Fleetwood Mac
89 Kanye West
90 Justin Timberlake
91 Neil Sedaka
92 Bruce Springsteen
93 The Pointer Sisters
94 John Denver
95 Four Tops
96 Tony Orlando & Dawn
97 50 Cent
98 The 5th Dimension
99 Captain & Tennille
100 Andy Gibb

'Billboard' explained how they compiled the list: "First, we used a sliding scale to rank each title: A No. 1 record would get X amount of points, a No. 2 a little less and so on. Second, since chart rules and chart behavior changed over time, we weighed the years and eras differently. For example, songs and albums moved up and down the charts faster in the 1970s than in other eras, so a record that was No. 1 for five weeks in 1975 would be granted a higher point value than a record that was No. 1 for the same duration in 2010."

If Sonny & Cher's 18 US Hot 100 hits - including #1 'I Got You Babe' and four other Top 10's - were included towards Cher's ranking, she would undoubtedly be higher on the list.


  1. I do not understand what Diana Ross and Madonna surpass Cher?

    1. thinking the same,, love DR, but she has been away more from the biz,, what brains put these kind of lists together,,

  2. Cher should have been number 2 on this chart!!!! OMG she is so much better than Madonna!!!!!!!

  3. Really? #43? She will never get the credit she deserves. Once she was mentioned Hollywood Royalty. One of the few last megastars which legacy is neglected over and over again...

  4. I am floored she didn't score a LOT higher as well...Ah well...Time & Memories...We Fans All KNOW HOW GREAT SHE IS and WE WILL NEVAHHH FORGET THAT !!!!!

  5. what a MESS of a LIST, so many on this list are no longer with us! HAVE not even been around for more then 15 yrs yet along 50 years,, SO DISRESPECTFUL

  6. I LOVE Cher and own every LP and 45 for every single released. But 16 Is very fair, its what people purchased and requested on the radio. I'm a die hard fan, I don't understand why some people have to be so bitter, they should be happy she is ON THIS LIST to begin with!

    1. #16, what is 16?
      CHER is at # 43, ppl are not bitter,, some r trying to understand what idiot put together this list, some of the folks at a higher position then CHER had a VERY short career, or been in the biz 10 yrs++ or less.. ITS A MISTERY