Thursday, March 03, 2016

Cher: I Am Who I Say I Am. Singer Blasts Threatening "Obsessed Hater" Who Sold Story About Her To "Rag Mag" 'National Enquirer'

Cher battles 'National Enquirer'
Cher took to social networking site Twitter to post a series of tweets about a figure who has sold stories about her to magazine 'National Enquirer'.

The Goddess of Pop posted a series of tweets onto the social networking platform about the "hater" who has sold the "gut-wrenching and untrue" stories about the 'Believe' singer to tabloid magazine 'National Enquirer'.

The hater she tweeted about seemingly has some kind of obsession towards Cher's longtime-best friend Paulette Howell:

The clearly-hurt songstress wrote: "Because of obsession with Paulette, you're going to obliterate me? Ruin my 51 years of work? We know the truth. He was angry and lying. People won't love you for killing me."

The 69-year-old (unbelievably!) continued, "One obsessed hater's gone to 'Enquirer' with stories about me... Gut wrenching and untrue. Family fights are bad, ours was horrible. I am who I say I am."

Cher added, "You said you'd make us pay. I just never thought someone would be so obsessed with my friend that they would try and destroy me."

The mother-of-two (sons Elijah Alman and Chaz Bono) told her three-million followers: "My son was furious with me and may have written (doctored?) scathing tweets/texts‼️ Person got them & SOLD them to rag mag. She told us pain was coming."

Some hours after, the rock & roll survivor wrote: "OK, found my armour-plated big girl g-string. I'm ready. Let the sh*t come down!! I've been through worse than this. Battlesd lies and 'Enquirer' all my life."

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