Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Ill Cher: I'm Getting Better

There are few Cher fans in the world that are unaware that the singer/actress is ill and - due to doctor's orders - was recently forced to postpone a large number of concerts on her current highly-successful 'Dressed To Kill Tour'.

However, the multi-talented superstar used Twitter to tell her fans that she is "getting better".

During a recent session on the social networking site, Cher told fans that she was beginning to resume her normal activities by stepping into her gym for the first time since being struck with an acute viral infection: "I'm better. Was really sick. Going to gym for the first time. I'm a little scared. I'm tough and used to be able to do anything. I'm humbled."

The 'Strong Enough' hit-maker returned to Twitter to update her fans about her time at the gym, whilst also revealing that she had to spend some time in the hospital due to her illnesss: "Worked out today for the first time since I came home from hospital. I was nervous, but did a good job. Doctors say I have a 'very strong constitution'. I will wear out three sets of knee caps kicking ass on stage... Soon."

When asked for how long she had to stay in hospital for, Cher answered "One week", before later adding, "I've been home for almost three weeks, getting better."

Cher will resume her 'Dressed To Kill Tour' in November. For its return, Cher has promised that she'll don a number of new outfits by long-time costume designer Bob Mackie. As well as her recovery from illness, the new costumes were a hot topic for Cher.

A few days ago, Cher had tweeted about them, "Whoa wait 'til you see all of them! You'll need oxygen!" More recently, she wrote about the outfits, "I'm not exaggerating! They are beyond amazing!" And today, she added: "They make you faint".

Cher at the 2000 Emmy AwardsOne fan asked the fashion icon as to whether the new costumes come with new wigs or not; Cher answered, "Yup!" The same fan also asked the touring legend, "Is it true that Bob Mackie remade the 'If I Could Turn Back Time' costume [for the tour]?" She responded, "Yes! It was literally falling apart".

The 'The Music's No Good Without You' songstress also shared that at some point someone stole one of her favorite wigs (as seen right, at the 2000 Emmy Awards): "Someone stole this wig. It was one of my altimeter favorites".


  1. I really want to see the new songs & costumes, i can't wait!!!!

  2. Like the saying goes after the world ends all that will be left is Cher and cockroaches :) Good to hear you're feeling better Cher we all love you xoxo

  3. Will you be coming to UK soon. Would love to see you.

  4. Cher Europe is waiting for you!!! Pick at least one country so that we all could gather to see your concert.