Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Retail News Round-Up: Bravado Battles Unofficial 'Dressed To Kill Tour' Merch', Mr Charles Reminisces About Cher's Visit & Cher To Appear In May's 'Elle'

Trendsetter Cher in 2014
Official 'Dressed To Kill Tour' merchandise manufacturers Bravado International Group Merchandising are tackling companies that are producing unofficial merch' for the tour.

Cher's current 49-date tour began on 22 April, with some of its large line of genuine merchandise being available to preview and pre-order shortly beforehand. And since the North American set of concerts began, the merchandise's suppliers Bravado have witnessed a handful of retailers selling unofficial and lesser-quality 'Dressed To Kill Tour' T-shirts and other merch' outside of the arenas that have hosted Cher's top-notch performances.

Online publication bizjournals reports that ahead of Cher's upcoming gig in Boston, Bravado have raised the problem of the illicit wares to the federal court: "Bravado International Group Merchandising has taken what has become a typical step before a major event and wants a federal judge to move against unknown vendors and companies that would sell unauthorized concert merchandise. That makes it easy for on and off-duty police working for the plaintiffs to seize merchandise from vendors during events without observing conventional requirements of due process.

"Bravado, and other companies that take similar steps before big events, simultaneously argue in their complaints that they don't know who the bad guys are, but do know the bad guys plan to set up shop at the concert and haver already been doing so recently.

"The complaint states: 'On information and belief, defendants will sell and distribute unauthorized T-shirts, jerseys, caps and/or other merchandise bearing any or all of the Artist's Trademarks in the vicinity of the concert before, during and after that performance, and at subsequent concerts during the tour. Th tour has commenced and Defendants have begun to sell their unauthorized Merchandise and will continue to do so in this District.'"

"Bravado argues that the selling of knockoffs has, and will, 'injure (its) reputation for high-quality goods'. The suit also notes that royalties are lost on sales of counterfeit goods."

Cher's visit to Mr Charles:  Family-run Pennsylvania women's clothing store Mr. Charles will close its doors 74 years after opening. Charlene Rosen remembers the time in 1999 that the enduring retailer was visited by the queen of longevity:

"Cher sent her assistant in to buy some clothes. She took out the credit card to pay, and it said 'Cher' on it. I remember we told her she couldn't use someone else's card , and that the card owner had to come in."

Enter Cher and two bodyguards. "She was the nicest woman and so attractive and physically fit., and she bought things for herself and her staff, and I just remember her being so sweet. Even her bodyguards were just the nicest people."

After the trendsetting pop icon's visit to the store, "people would come in asking to buy thee same sweater Cher bought," shared Rosen.

Cher in May's 'Elle' Magazine: Women's magazine 'Elle' will issue their annual Women in Music edition in May. And of course, you can't have a "Women in Music" anything without having Goddess of Pop Cher being involved. The publication will "spotlight" the sexagenarian in the edition alongside Lilly Allen, Kacey Musgraves, Ariana Grande and Lykke Li. The cover (seen right) is graced by twerking mistress Miley Cyrus - the original performer of Cher's current Billboard Adult Contemporary hit 'I Hope You Find It'. Cher recently tweeted, "Love this 'Elle' cover! Love top and leggings, love Miley Cyrus' look too."

Short share: single 'I Hope You find It' has fallen one spot to #18 on this week's Billboard Adult Contemporary chart (chart run: 24/20/22/18/17/18).


  1. i argee Miley does look good in it

  2. So stupid, they should have placed Cher on the cover.

    1. AGREE,,,what is wrong with tis world,, 50 yrs in the biz n no respect!!

  3. Thank God its Miley Cyrus and not Lady GaBlah. I mean its sad the Oscar winning vet with a 50+ career is not on the cover BUT at least Miley is pleasant and fun. I sure wish Cher would get a cover of some magazine like People or Vanity Fair.

  4. The Dressed To Kill tour began on March 22nd in Phoenix, not April 22nd as the article states in the second paragraph.

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