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'Cher News' Presents Your All-Time Favorite Cher Songs (2013!): 10 - 1

We count down the top ten tracks you chose as your all-time favorite Cher songs – including the all-important top position.

Last year, 'Cher News' visitors voted for their top 50 all-time favorite Cher songs, and as Cher has released a new batch of songs since then, it only seemed right to do it all again this year.

Like last year, 'Cher News' asked you to vote for your top five all-time favorite Cher songs from her extraordinarily lengthy career either here on 'Cher News', on Facebook, on Twitter or on 'The Official Cher Community'.

The votes have been counted and calculated to form this top 50 count down, where we'll see chart-topping hits, hidden gems, and everything in-between...
#10 Lie To Me
This tender tune was (co-)written by pop/rock songstress Pink and is the finale of (the standard version of) Cher's 2013 Transatlantic top 5 album 'Closer To The Truth'.

#9 The Way of Love
'The Way of Love' was the follow-up single to 1971's US#1 multi-million-selling 'Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves'. The song's history dates back to 1960 - being written as a contender for France's Eurovision Song Contest entry that year. It was then a Hot 100 #88 hit for UK vocalist Kathy Kurby in 1965 but Cher took the song to #7 in 1972.

#8 Save Up All Your tears (#10 last year)
This Pop-rock anthem was co-written by Diane Warren and was originally released by Bonnie Tyler in 1988 and Robin Beck in 1989 – Beck's version became a moderate hit in Europe. Cher's version was also a moderate hit but reached the top 40 in the important music markets of the US and UK – it coincidentally reached #37 in both of these territories.

#7 You Haven't Seen The Last of Me (#6 last year)
Your #7 all-time favorite Cher song is 'You Haven't Seen The Last of Me' from the 'Burlesque' soundtrack. Again written by Diane Warren, the song won the Golden Globe Award for Best original Song in 2011. Thanks to its remixes, the song topped the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs chart – earning Cher the honor of being the only act to have a number one single on a Billboard chart in each of the last six decades.

#6 Sirens
Sirens - at #6 - is the highest-placed track on this count down from Cher's 2013 album 'Closer To The Truth'. Written by New York-born Nell Bryden about 9/11, Cher's beautiful performance of 'Sirens' was also included on the multi-artist fundraising 2013 album 'Songs For The Philippines'.

#5 Alive Again (#11 last year)
Taken from Cher's 2001 dance-pop album 'Living Proof' - and beginning your top 5 tunes - is 'Alive Again'. It was released in some of Europe with its greatest success being in Germany, where it spent almost two months on the chart with a peak position of #27. Its music video was a seemingly last-minute making from footage originally intended for use in an advertisement to promote its parent album.

#4 Strong Enough (#13 last year)
This 1999 disco million-seller was of course the follow-up to Cher's mega-selling 1998 hit 'Believe'. Of course, it didn't repeat the success of 'Believe' - that would be impossible - but it did become an impressive hit. It reached #3 in France and Germany and #5 in the UK - selling over 250,000 copies in each territory. But it only reached number 57 in the US.

#3 Song For The Lonely (#2 last year)
Getting Bronze... This dance-pop tune served as the US lead single from Cher's 2001/02 album 'Living Proof'. Despite clearly being a fan favorite – after all, you've put it at #3 – the song didn't perform spectacularly on the charts, peaking at a disappointing number 85 on the US Hot 100, ultimately selling not much over 50,000 copies in North America. Cher dedicated the song "to the courageous people of New York, especially the firefighters, police, Mayor Giuliani, Governor Pataki, and my friend Liz" in the album booklet, following 9/11.

#2 Believe (#1 last year)
Getting silver is Cher's 1998 dance-pop monster hit - and best-selling single of all-time – 'Believe'. Selling a whopping seven million - some say ten, some even say eleven - copies and topping the US Hot 100 chart for four weeks, and the UK singles chart for seven, the single immediately outdid any single released during her entire career. The song won over a whole new generation of fans and earned Cher – unbelievably – her first ever Grammy Award!

#1 If I Could Turn Back Time (#3 last year)
Earning the gold award in our countdown of your-all-time favorite Cher songs is her perennially-popular multi-million-selling 1989 pop/rock 'If I Could Turn Back Time'. This is the third song in the top ten of your favorite Cher songs that was written by Diane Warren. The Cher classic - and some would say her signature hit - hit number 3 on the US Hot 100 and scored several more impressive chart positions around the globe including number 6 in the UK and number 1 (for seven weeks) in Australia. And of course, there's the famous music video to go with it...

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  1. So nice to see Sirens, Lie to Me, Alive Again and YHSTLOM in the Top 10! I hope Cher sings all of these in her show!!!!!!

    Sirens is gorgeous!!!!!

  2. Strong Enough should've been number one. And Just Like Jesse James should've been in top 10.

  3. diggin the list choice,, love to see David's song!
    TAKE IT LIKE A MAN has mades a jump on the Dance song chart its at #17!
    i dont get tis how gaga n xina came make a duet in seconds yet gaga cant do it with THE TRUE GODDESS OF POP

  4. It killed me to see Ga do that duet with Xtina. Cher did a musical with Xtina but no duet. Cher did a promo tour w/Xtina for Burlesque and no collaboration. I thought Cher would appear on Xtina's album or Xtina on Cher's but no. Now Ga's label has issued a formal single of this with Xtina. By the way Do What You Want now Feat. R Kelly and/or Rick Ross and now Christina A. It is sickening yet Cher's I Walk Alone which Pink wrote FOR CHER is not Cher Feat. Pink... It makes zero sense since very few songs now do not FEAT. someone.

  5. Janet i dont get it,,IS IT CHER?, her LABEL? I DONT GET THE LOGIC behind who is sphere headin CTTT! its amazing this masterpiece of an album is still on the charts,, and that TILAM is climbing up the Dance charts,, ga, xina should be honoured to have CHER do a duet with em! will tis 2 ladies last as long as CHER has??

  6. NYChristophe you are right but you know how it is with Cher... Things that seem so simple like doing at least ONE song with her Burlesque costar during a freaking musical seems like a no-brainer but of course it did not happen. It made no sense not to happen but it did not. As far as I Walk Alone go look at's boards. Lots of posts have gone on and on about I Walk Alone. Everyone on loves it and everyone wants it to be Cher Feat. Pink. If the song is Cher feat. Pink it WILLLLL get on the USA radio. With Cher alone it will get no airplay in the USA. Lady Gaga f..ked her over with TGT. Now it seems like WBR is doing the same with IWA. Sad but true.