Monday, December 16, 2013

'Cher News' Presents Your All-Time Favorite Cher Songs (2013!): 30 - 21

Cher in 1989
Last year, 'Cher News' visitors voted for their top 50 all-time favorite Cher songs, and as Cher has released a new batch of songs since then, it only seemed right to do it all again this year.

Like last year, 'Cher News' asked you to vote for your top five all-time favorite Cher songs from her extraordinarily lengthy career either here on 'Cher News', on Facebook, on Twitter or on 'The Official Cher Community'.

The votes have been counted and calculated to form this top 50 count down, where we'll see chart-topping hits, hidden gems, and everything in-between...


#30 Runaway (#28 last year)
Dance song 'Runaway' was written for Cher's 'Believe' album by the team of Mark Taylor and Paul Barry, who also wrote three hits for the album – 'Strong Enough', 'All or Nothing' and 'Dov'รจ l'amore'.

#29 Woman's World
This club-ready number is the first single and opening track of Cher's brand new 3013 album 'Closer To The Truth'. The song became a hit down under, in Europe and on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart where it became her 8th #1.

#28 You Wouldn't Know Love (#24 last year)
Diane Warren and Michael Bolton wrote this song for Cher's transatlantic top 10 album 'Heart of Stone', on which it was track #3 - sandwiched between singles 'Just Like Jesse James' and 'Heart of Stone'. The song was ultimately picked as a single itself  for the UK, where it peaked at #55.

#27 Classified 1A (#41 last year)
Between the time that Cher scored her last US hit single of the 1960's with the Top 10 'You Better Sit Down Kids' and when Cher made a comeback in late 1971 with the #1 smash 'Gypsies Tramps & Thieves ', she released a whole load of non-charting singles – this was one of them. Written by Sonny Bono for Cher to record, the song was released in May 1971. It was later included as a somewhat-bonus track on Cher's 2000 album ''. Cher wrote, “I always felt that this was one of Sonny's best songs, we tried to put it out in the 70's, but were told by everyone that it was un-American. Well son, we'll let the public decide, babe.”

#26 Take It Like A Man
Another 'Closer To The Truth' single here. Boasting lyrics penned by Cher and backing vocals from Scissor Sisters front-man Jake Shears, the dance-pop song entered the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart this week at #38. There's a very good chance that it will follow 'Woman's World' to become another #1 on the chart.

#25 Heart of Stone (#10 last year)
In 25th  place in the count down is the title track from Cher's 1989 multi-platinum album 'Heart of Stone'. Originally released as a minor single (UK#50) by UK group Bucks Fizz in 1988, Cher's version was released as a single in 1990. Her version slightly bettered Bucks Fizz's version in the UK by reaching #43. However, it reached # 20 in the US, becoming her fourth top 20 single from the album.

#24 Still (#9 last year)
This little-known number is from Cher's 2000 internet-only album ''. The song was selected as the album's opening track, and as is the case with nearly all the songs from the album, it was written by Cher herself.

#23 Just Like Jesse James (#40 last year)
The third American - and second international - single from Cher's 1989 transatlantic album 'Heart of Stone' was this track. It followed Cher's 'After All' and 'If I Could Turn Back Time' into the top ten of the US Hot 100 chart, reaching number 8 in early 1990. Like 'After All', it performed well despite its absence of a proper music video.

#22 My Love
'My Love' is track #3 on Cher's new album 'Closer To the Truth'. The seemingly-slow tune U-turns into being a dance tune with a killer chorus. The song shares the same title as a song from her 1973 album 'Half-Breed' (her cover of Paul McCartney & Wings' 'My Love').

#21 Lovers Forever
This very dramatic dance tune was co-written by Cher all the way back in 1994 and was finally included on her 2013 album 'Closer To the Truth', featuring an array of dazzling effects.

That's it! Another ten! Until the next ten, let's take a glimpse at how each decade of Cher's career has been represented in the entire top 50 count down of your favorite Cher songs:

1960's: 1 song
1970's: 10 songs
1980's: 9 songs
1990's: 9 songs
2000's: 10 songs
2010's: 11 songs

Short share:
  • 'I Walk Alone' has been added to BBC Radio 2's A-list - the most popular play-list on the UK's most popular radio station.
  • 'Closer To The Truth' has risen to #118 (from #130) on the Billboard 200 and 'Take It Like A Man' has risen to #26 (from #38) on Billboard's Dance Club Songs this week.


  1. classified 1A is such a treasure a song that when you listen it it, soon as it starts you tier up then when it hits the big chorus you cant help but cry, its like you hear the pain in his voice as hes describing to his wife he'll never be home again, i love this song

  2. love tis sopng,, VERY POWERFULm would like to hear CHER sing it live.
    12 weeks later CHER’s CTTT is still on the BB charts, last week it was at position #130 for weekendin 28 of Dec its at #118,, i hope it continues to climb up n remain on the charts for 20+ weeks,