Wednesday, November 27, 2013

VIDEO! Cher Sings 'I Hope You Find It' on France's 'Vivement Dimanche'

Cher on 'Vivement Dimanche'
Cher performed her hit ballad 'I Hope You Find It' for popular French television show 'Vivement Dimanche' all the way back on 9 October. Although it was initially believed that her performance would be aired on Sunday 13 October, it was finally broadcast just three days ago, on Sunday 14 November.

Whilst we're on the subject of performances... Cher tweeted earlier, "Just came out of a five hour meeting regarding the show ['Dressed To Kill Tour']! I feel that all of you will be happy. There'll be a great balance between favorites and 'Closer To The Truth' tracks. I promise it'll be spectacular."

Later, Cher revealed that there will be "11-14" costume changes during the upcoming tour; "11-14 as of an hour ago. I'm going to go for the 14! Go big and then go home."

"It makes me happy to surprise you and make you happy", she tweeted. But it isn't just fans and herself that will benefit from the tour, as she continued, "My charity on this tour will be to buy food for people who go hungry in the USA."


  1. I've been waiting for tis, long time,, still not seen when she sang Bang Bang n other songs she performed when in Italy

  2. Awesome Killer Performance! Love You Forever Cher..U Are A Class Act.!