Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Cher On New Album: I Would Have Called It 'Dressed To Kill'

CherCher's new album 'Closer To The Truth' was in the making for years but when it came to its title, she didn't have long enough to give it proper thought.

The Grammy, Oscar and Emmy Award-winning superstar has released 24 solo studio albums so far during her lengthy career. Around half of those albums have been named after a song title on the album (like 'Believe' and 'Half-Breed') but with Cher's last album, 2001's 'Living Proof', the name came from a lyric on the album.

For her new album, 'Closer To The Truth', the title arrived by re-using the latter method of taking it from a lyric - it comes from a song on the album written by fellow pop/rock songstress Pink, in which Cher sings, "I get angry as I get closer to the truth'. However, Cher revealed to UK BBC TV show 'Breakfast' that the album was a "nice" working title for the album, but had she had longer to think of a title, she'd have named it 'Dressed To Kill' - the name of a song on the album.

She told the BBC show, "They needed a name for the album, and it was a working title. There was a part in one of Pink's songs that says, 'I get angry as I get closer to the truth', and I just remember thinking, 'Ah 'Closer To The Truth', that's nice.' I thought of it as a working title. And truthfully, if I'd thought about it longer, I would have called it 'Dressed To Kill' because it seems more appropriate. But then I just kind of thought, 'Well... I Like it.' It's very vigorous and everyone can put their own meaning into it."

Cher's 'Closer To The Truth' album cover

Cher has managed to use the name 'Dressed To Kill' elsewhere, having named next year's world tour, the 'Dressed To Kill Tour'. Cher explained as to why she had at one point retired from touring - "I didn't think I had anything else to say or do or whatever" - before revealing exactly what has lured her back to the idea of hitting the road; "Well, only this album really. When you have something new to say or new to sing, it makes the idea of going on tour more reasonable".

"I'm not going to do that many dates to begin with, to see if I'm still up for this", she added.

The 67-year-old, who graces her new album cover in a skimpy flesh-baring piece of lingerie, also talked about the video to her new single - the US dance hit 'Woman's World'; "I think it was nice to have the women and it's called 'Woman's World' - it makes perfect sense. And to have all different kinds of women, shapes and colours and ethnicity and you know, everything. I like the idea that women can relate to it. It's not like, 'Oh my God, that's the greatest video I've ever seen'. It's nothing like that, it's just kind of plain. And of course, me with my newspaper hair."

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'Closer To The Truth' or 'Dressed To Kill'... Which album title do you prefer?


  1. Dressed To Kill Would Have Been An Excellent Name But CTTT Is Nice

  2. I think you can look at the title "Closer To The Truth" in different ways. It one way you can look at it in terms of her age - she looks great, but is no spring chicken. Maybe as she's gotten older she is getting "closer to the truth" - or the meaning of life. At long last, all the trials and "dark valleys" in her life begin to make sense and have made her the woman she is today.

    At least, that's how I look at it.

    "Dressed to Kill" seems "less-Cher" to me. Especially with "Living Proof" being her last album - which I thought was a very liberating title for that album.

  3. hey Jared, sometimes CHER can be difficult to figure out! all of it can be possible,, I think CTTT, may be more the types of songs she likes to sing

  4. DRESSED TO KILL !!! Definitely !

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  6. I am a fan of both titles as they express the serious and flambuoyant sides of Cher.
    I think the Dressed to Kill tour is a perfect title for a clothes orse like CHER!

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