Monday, June 17, 2013

Cher's Battling A Sore Throat Ahead of Tomorrow's 'Woman's World' 'The Voice' Performance

Legendary songstress Cher is hoping that her "sore throat" will not get in the way of her performance of new single 'Woman's World' tomorrow on NBC's 'The Voice'.

Cher went to the studios of 'The Voice' yesterday to rehearse for tomorrow's performance on the show. The 'Strong Enough' singer will perform her first single in over ten years - the anthemic 'Woman's World' - on tomorrow night's series finale of the NBC singing competition.

However, a case of "sore throat" has been bugging the 67-year-old showbiz legend since her charity concert in Dagestan, Russia on 1 June and Cher's keen on getting rid of it by tomorrow's big debut performance of her new single.

She tweeted yesterday, "I've just left 'The Voice'! Everyone was so cool! I saw my band! They are the best! The singing started out very iffy! I have had a sore throat since Dagestan. But with a good attitude and a little divine intervention, I should be able to squeak by!"

She added, "My voice is so strong and used to being told what to do that I forget that it's not a machine! I just assumed that it would man up! At the end, after singing it ten times, it was open, loud and proud! I think I'm good to go."

Cher, who began her recording career a whopping 50-years-ago, returned to Twitter just hours ago to update fans on the current status of her sore throat, "...Not much talking. Talking is not good for singers with any throat thing. On my 'Farewell Tour', 325-ish shows, I was quiet-ish".


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