Thursday, May 30, 2013

PHOTOS: Cher at LAX Airport Heading To Russia For 1 June Performance

Cher at LAX airport
Music legend Cher was photographed at LAX Airport on her way to Russia - where she'll perform on 1 June.

Cher was pictured sporting denim and leather - with a hint of turquoise - at LAX airport in California yesterday. The 'Believe' singer, who was photographed at the airport with son Elijah Allman, was on her way to Dagestan, Russia, where she'll be performing at the grand opening of the reconstructed football/soccer stadium 'Anji Arena'.

Cher's new single 'Woman's World' will be released in June but it's not yet known if she'll incorporate the song into her set-list at the grand opening - which will see all profits going to charity.

Cher sporting sunglasses at LAX Airport

Cher at LA's famous airport

Cher and Elijah Allman at LAX Airport

Youthful-looking Cher carrying a cowboy hat

Cher, in jeans, walking through LAX Airport


  1. I wish you had another fan-contest. I would love to be able to win a trip to see her perform in Russia; how cool!

    1. Sorry, you as in Cher; not you as in CherNews.