Sunday, April 14, 2013

'American Idol' Contestant Lazaro Arbos To Duet With Cher On Series Finale?

'American Idol' contestant Lazaro Arbos has revealed plans to duet with Cher on the series' finale in a few weeks.

Contestant Lazaro Arbos was recently eliminated from US show 'American Idol'. However, he still has his fans - and Cher is one of them! Early on in his presence on the show, Cher took a liking to Arbos, tweeting him and even following him on Twitter.

The two have remained in communication, and Arbos revealed that it's a possibility that the two will duet on the 'American Idol' series finale.

Arbos siad to reporters - following his exit from the show - "I think for the finale we are trying to sing with Cher, so that's my goal."

He continued, "Six months ago when the show came on, she saw me and she connected with me. She followed me on Twitter, and we've been talking back-and-forth since then."

However, Arbos isn't as familiar with her back-catalogue as much as some are; "I wasn't too familiar with all of her songs because she came out way before me but I do love some of her latest songs. I love 'Believe'. I love 'If I Could Turn Back Time'. And I loved her on 'Burlesque'."

The fact that Arbos has caught Cher's eyes - and ears - came as a surprise to many of her fans as she has stated many times that she dislikes reality TV. She is arguably one of the biggest megastars on the planet who hasn't yet performed on a show of this format.

Are you a fan of Arobos? Do you want to see Cher on 'Idol'? What would you like them to sing? Comment below.


  1. I hate reality TV and watch none of it. If Cher does this show, of course I will watch and enjoy for Cher! I think Cher needs to promote Woman's World and TV is important. Even though I hate reality TV and show like AI, many love them so her doing this is great promo!!! He looks like a cute guy too so being easy on the eyes is nice for Cher!

  2. Jake Shears is going to appear on Cher's new album!