Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cher Proves That It's A Woman's World With A Collection Of Films On New TCM Series

In the last week, many online news publications have picked up the story that Cher is to be back on the small screen in America, guest programming on a new series on movie channel TCM with the channel's main presenter, movie expert Robert Osbourne.

Whilst 'Cher News' reported way back on 21 February that the title of the series was to be 'Women In Film', it turns out that there's a actually whole lot more to the series' title.

It is actually titled, 'Friday Night Spotlight' but Cher's April episodes feature the tagline 'A Woman's World: The Defining Era of Women In Film' - note the use of the phrase 'Woman's World' which is of course the title of Cher's upcoming June single.

The first episode to feature Cher as a guest programmer - which she filmed in February - starts at 8PM (ET) on Friday 5 April on TCM and will return at the same time every Friday in April. The following month, another guest programmer will take her place.

Cher has chosen a whopping 17 films from the 1930's and 1940's - and one from 1950 -  that showcase some of the finest actresses of the era in a handful of female-led topics such as motherhood and working women, with each episode representing one of these such topics. See the episode guide below:

Air date: Friday, 5 April
Episode topic: motherhood
Films: 8PM -  'Mildred Pierce' (1945); 10PM - 'Stella Dallas' (1937); 12AM - 'Penny Serenade' (1941); 2:15AM - 'Bachelor Mother' (1939)

Air date: Friday, 12 April
Episode topic: War effort and the homefront
Films: 8PM -  'So Proudly We Hail' (1944); 10:15PM -  'Since You Went Away' (1944); 1:15AM - 'Three Came Home' (1950); 2:15AM - 'The Best Years of Our Lives' (1946)

Air date: Friday, 19 April
Episode topic: Working women
Films: 8PM -  'His Girl Friday' (1940); 10PM -  'Woman of The Year' (1942); 12AM - 'Tender Comrade' (1943); 2AM - 'The Devil and Miss Jones' (1941)

Air date: Friday, 26 April
Episode topic: Women taking charge
Films: 8PM -  'The Great Lie' (1941); 10PM -  'Kitty Foyle' (1940); 12AM - 'The Palm Beach Story' (1942); 1:45AM - 'The Women' (1939)

Cher commented about the show, "Working with Robert isn't like working at all! We can't stop talking about all the classics and obscure golden oldies. We talk through the breaks while they move the cameras, check the lighting and do the touch-ups. I can't stop when it comes to the topic of old films, and then I get Robert going, and then the crew and director finally say, 'Ahh, Cher? We have a show to do.' Robert and I laugh and become grown-ups again. We don't work. We play every Friday night in April! Come have fun with us."

Robert Osbourne commented, "It's a great pleasure to be joining Cher in launching TCM's new 'Friday Night Spotlight' series. Besides being an Academy Award-winning actress and an electrifying stage performer, Cher loves movies, knows movies and has fascinating things to say about them. We';re also proud to claim her as one of Turner Classic Movies' most passionate and knowledgeable fans."

TCM posted this picture of the pair on the set of the new series:

Cher herself posted this snapshot of the pair on set on Twitter, writing, "Me and Robert 'Robby' Osbourne from afar. He is 'Simply The Best'! We talked for two days while we did the show, wish it was sixty":

Cher also used the micro-blogging site to share a silent video of the pair on set - she tweeted, including a link to the video, "Teeny weeny bit o' tape! Sorry there's no sound! Look on the screens! Not much, but no-one has got it"

Cher also uploaded a recent (heavily edited!) photograph of herself in a gold coat, tweeting, "In honour of the new 'Wizard of Oz'! I'm going to see it tomorrow night!":

Finally, today is March 13, so it's probably worth pointing out that on this day in 1999, Cher's single 'Believe' hit the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, where it stayed for a month! Let's hope we see her back on that chart in a few month's time when her newest dance-pop single 'Woman's World' is released!

(Note from Daniel: I Apologize for not posting on 'Cher News' during the last week! My computer broke down a week ago and I have been able to use it to update 'Cher News' since! As soon as I fixed it - which probably would have been done sooner had I not been ill too this past week - I came on here and wrote this article! Better late than never!)


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