Monday, January 14, 2013

Cher To Hold Twitter Contest Tomorrow!

Cher has announced that the contest - in which she will choose six lucky Twitter users to travel to Malibu in order to preview her soon-to-be-shot 'Woman's World' music video - will take place tomorrow!

If you follow Cher on Twitter and/or regularly visit 'Cher News', you'll know all about the contest that Cher has been tweeting about - if not, or for clarification, full details of it can be found here.

However, it was previously unknown as to when the Twitter contest would be held. But Cher has now revealed that it will be tomorrow.

Within the past hour on Twitter, Cher tweeted, "I hope big-time lovelies win the contest!"

Although a number of Twitter followers have asked Cher to pick them, Cher will select the six Twitter users at random; "To be fair, I'm not allowed to choose! I'm glad because I couldn't pick between you."

One Twitter user then asked Cher, "Does the contest start now?" Cher responded, "Tomorrow".

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