Friday, December 21, 2012

Buy Now: '' on CD!

'' CD cover
Cher's 2000 internet-only studio album '' is once again available to purchase online.

With a reasonable $12.99 price tag, the hard-to-get CD is available on its own or bundled with a '' T-shirt. Alternatively, customers can buy just a t-shirt without buying the CD.

The CD's tracklist is:

1. "Still"
2. "Sisters of Mercy"
3. "Runnin'"
4. "Born With The Hunger"
5. "(The Fall) Kurt's Blues"
6. "With or Without You"
7. "Fit To Fly"
8. "Disaster Cake"
9. "Our Lady of San Francisco"
10. "Classified 1A"

'' T-shirt
The T-shirt, which sports the '' CD cover on a black background, costs $25.00 for sizes 'Small', 'Medium', 'Large' and 'X-Large' whilst the 'XX-Large' has a higher cost of $30.00.

However, the CD and T-shirt bundle costs $30.99 - regardless of T-shirt size.

All purchases can be made at the specially-made online shop. BEWARE of the hefty shipping costs! Also, the design of the T-shirt varies slightly in different pictures.

Cher announced plans for the '' CD re-release in October. However, back then, she revealed plans for a new front cover for the release, as well as the opportunity to purchase signed copies of the album. However, these addidtional plans seem to have fallen through.

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  1. I think Green Day's new CD with the single "Let yourself go" reflects a punk rock/new wave sound. It reminded me of CHER's 1980 release under the band name Black Rose and the single "Never should've started". I made up a CD and mixed those two songs and friends of mine were saying that sounds like CHER. They thought it was new.