Saturday, November 10, 2012

News Round-up: Cher's Photo With Obama, 'X Factor USA' Contestant Sings Cher Song, 'Cher' 25th Anniversary and More!

Cher, 2012
Cher posted a photo of herself and President Obama onto Twitter, there's a flower named after Cher, a contestant on the US 'X Factor' sang a Cher song and it's the 25th anniversary of Cher's 1987 self-titled album (phew!).

Firstly, all the way back in June, Cher attended a campaign fundraiser held by President Obama, where she took along her mother (remember Obama stating how young her mother Georgia looks?).

Shortly after that meeting, she posted a picture onto Twitter of the three of them - Obama, Cher and Georgia. However, we never got to see the picture of Cher and Obama together - just the pair of them.

Luckily, Cher uploaded the picture onto Twitter. Now, as it's Cher - on Twitter - there were complications with the upload.

Cher, along with the first upload of the picture, tweeted, "Better late than never".

The picture turned up - but was rotated to the left (I've rotated to normal below). As well, the picture uploaded was actually a snapshot taken of the original Obama/Cher photograph (confused?) as their heads in the picture were distorted due to the original photograph not being straight when she took the snap of it with her (I presume) Iphone. However, the photo was clear.

Cher and Brack Obama

So, Cher gave it another try. "In case it turned wrong way! Of course I'm not looking in the same place that President Obama is! Also, I was a little shy", she tweeted, along with a second upload of the picture.

It came out upright this time, and clearly the original photograph was more flat when she took a snapshot of it again on her Iphone. However, this time, the picture was blurry.

Cher with President Obama, 2012

Iris Cher
Anyway, did you know that Cher has a plant named after her? Well, yes, some of you probably do. But the majority of you probably do not.

'The Huffington Post' published an article about plants named after celebrities, and this beautiful flower was matched up to our favorite songstress.

So, its name? Iris Cher.

Now, many of you have will have already seen this clip, taken from USA's 'The X Factor'. But for those that haven't...

One contestant on 'The X Factor USA', CeCe Frey, was in the bottom two of the public vote on one particular episode of the TV show. Whoever sang the best between her and the other contestant in the bottom two would be saved to continue in the competition, whilst the other would be sent home.

Frey decided to sing a song from Cher's back-catalogue - the ballad 'You Haven't Seen The Last of Me', taken from the 2010 film, and its soundtrack, 'Burlesque'.

Clearly a wise choice as she stayed in the competition! How does it match up to the original though?

Cher's 1987 self-titled album
Finally, today marks the 25th anniversary of the release of Cher's 1987 self-titled pop/rock album. Yes, 'Cher' was released on 10 November 1987.

The star-studded album showcased the talents of Jon Bon Jovi, Michael Bolton, Bonnie Tyler, Darlene Love, Richie Sambora, Diane Warren, Desmond Child and even Sonny Bono.

Producing the classic Cher hits 'I Found Someone', 'We all Sleep Alone' and the minor hit 'Skin Deep', the album also included a number of other notable songs such as 'Perfection', 'Main Man' and 'Bang Bang'.

After several years away from music, to concentrate on her hugely successful acting career, the album was her first since 1982, and also her first of three hugely successful pop/rock albums on the 'Geffen' label.

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  1. Now maybe if the record company could release her new lp or single, she just may have another Hit, before she dies or us.