Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cher Crying Over Sick Mr Big As He Is Taken To Hospital

Cher, and her cat Mr Big
Here's an article for all the animal-lovers! Although it's not quite a happy one; Cher told her Twitter followers that she had been crying as her cat Mr Big was sick.

The upset singer/actress tweeted that her cat, Mr Big, was in hospital; "Mr Big is sick in Hospital. My friend Kat is with him, she's a top heart Doctor. I was crying, but my sister said, 'Just wait until Kat finishes the tests!'"

She went on to explain more about the situation; "He's been acting strange - quiet, not himself. Kat had to put him on oxygen. He has little fluid in his lungs, and on IV. Kat says not to worry. She has many cat heart patients! I was crying at the oxygen. I think I take him for granted! He's Mr Big and he's here."

Cher adopted Mr Big well over a decade ago when she was on her 1999/2000 'Do You Believe? Tour'. The cat was found under one of the fifteen trucks needed for the tour when it passed through Detroit.

She went on to write, "The weird thing is that I never think about him sick! He was almost dead when we found him in Detroit, but after that he has never been sick", she wrote.

Cher then posted the following photograph of the cat in his current condition, with the following explanation; "Mr Big in his oxygen tent, getting his IV of medications, wrapped in blanket but he's still eating! Nurses love him!"

Mr Big

Let's hope Mr Big gets well! More news about her new album now...

Cher has promised to tell us the name of her new album via Twitter as soon as she knows "what it is"; when asked about the album's title, she wrote "The second that I know what it is, you will know! I'll have my fingers on the keys!"


  1. Just the fact that Cher is an animal lover makes her even more dear to me. As an animal lover myself, I would be a basket case if my cat was in the hospital.

  2. I fully understand my Nike my son, my cat, my everything has kidney failure and I have been keeping him alive and well on my own. I am trying all natural medicines but im sure the end is not going to be good . I know Cher must love him and animals in general, She has a kind and loving heart, and when people talk about her I get fkn crazy. She has never been locked up or involved in drugs or anything bad. I hope Mr Big makes a full recovery I will pray for him when I pray for Nike my heart breaks when I think of these little guys what would they do if they did not have people like us to care and love them.

  3. awww it's heartbreaking to lose an animal - at least for me anyway!