Tuesday, October 23, 2012

'Collide' Is Apparently Nowhere To Be Seen On Cher's New Album

Cher has insinuated that 'Collide' is not a song from her new album.

A few days back, before the whole 'Woman's World' leak happened, two new Cher song titles surfaced - 'Woman's World' and 'Collide' - thanks to their new presence on the 'ASCAP' (The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) website.

In the following days, 'Woman's World' was confirmed when it was leaked. However, Cher seemed puzzled when the song title 'Collide' was brought up.

On social networking site Twitter, 'Cher News' tweeted what many of us believe to be a partial tracklist of Cher's new album;

"Partial tracklist of Cher's new album: 'Woman's World' ;'I Walk Alone'; 'Red'; 'The Greatest Thing'; 'Collide'; 'You Haven't Seen The last Of Me'"

Let's quickly look at each song title. 'Woman's World' is of course the leaked song. 'I Walk Alone' is one of the song's that Pink wrote. 'Red' is the title of a song Cher has mentioned numerous times on Twitter. 'The Greatest Thing' is, as everyone knows, her duet with Lady Gaga. 'Collide' is one of the two songs found on the 'ASCAP' website. And finally, 'You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me' is Cher's 'Burlesque' track which she confirmed long ago would also be on the new album.

However, Cher replied, "Wrong! Collide? Everyone (even my cat) knows that 'You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me' is on the CD. I over record so I can choose songs that I love and that sound best together".

So, what about 'Collide'? The song is certainly registered on the site - as written by Paul Oakenfold, Anthony Crawford and a third unknown writer (the same names given as the writer's of 'Woman's World'.)

Information for 'Collide' from 'ASCAP' website

Maybe Cher turned down the song - not knowing the song's title or forgetting it since. Maybe the writers did not even put forward the song to Cher (yet?). Maybe, the song had a name-change. Who knows? It's just one of a huge number of mysteries surrounding the recording and release of Cher's new record.


  1. Too bad the album is being pushed back to 2013...

    I knew this would happen. Warner has been WAY too quiet for a 2012 release. Same with Enya! :(

  2. I believe the second Pink song Cher recorded is named "You Can't Go Home", listed in earlier tweets when she first got the two songs. In one tweet she said she'd gotten Pink's producer "Billy Mann" for "I Walk Alone" so he probably did both.

    And I too am disappointed with the 2013 release - let's hope this means a huge selection for Deluxe Edition of CD!