Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cher To Perform At Elton John's “Party To End All Parties”

Cher, Elton John and David Furnish
Cher will be performing at an upcoming Elton John party.

The UK online publication 'Mail Online' reports that “Sir Elton John is planning an extraordinary four-day bash to celebrate his partner David Furnish's 50th Birthday”. One of the guests is Cher, who will be performing on the actual day of Furnish's Birthday.

Cher is initially mentioned during the article when it reads, “Elton will perform and Lady Gaga, the Scissors Sisters, Cher and Circue Du Soleil will also appear at the party's various events.”

As a caption for a Lady Gaga photograph further down, it states “Lady gaga and Cher have been booked to perform at the lively event”. Further on, more details are given.

Revealed are plans for the first night of the four-day celebration – Wednesday, 24 October. Then, important to us, it details what will take place the following day:

“The following day is David's birthday and dinner will be laid on for 200 guests in the ballroom of the 112-year-old Belasco theatre in downtown Los Angeles. Those guests who are still standing on Friday night will continue the celebrations at nightclub Greystone Manor, where Cher will perform.”

With a new Cher album on its way in the near-future, it's possible that Cher could be performing a new song or two.

Whatever she performs, let's hope that we get to see the footage!


  1. There has to be a recording of this!!

  2. Graben, graben y subanlo inmediatamente a Youtube!!!!!!!


  3. Que emoción! Ya no puedo esperar que Cher arranque con este nuevo disco, nuevas interpretaciones y videos, recordemos que cuando Cher ha hecho grandes cosas no habia redes sociales así que preparense, imaginense si Believe alcanzo y conquisto el mundo entero cuando no habia redes, lo que pasará con este nuevo disco, será un suceso impresionante! Blogs, videos, entrevistas, programas, especiales de tv... de solo pensarlo me emociono!

  4. I hope Cher sings the 1st single and "Believe"

  5. Out of all Cher songs, Believe is so hard to sing and most likely to be lip synced. I hope Cher sings LIVE and something simple for them. I think Cher should sing Happy Birthday and something David and Elton like but not lipsync a dance song. WE all know how talented Cher is and she can sing whatever she wants and CAN sing live. Elton hates lip syncing as well so I hope she does not do it.

  6. Esperemos que hayan camaras de TV en el Cumpleaños para ver a Cher cantando

  7. ya believe is too hard for a live show. ej luvs live stuff so lipsync isout

  8. Is Cher doing it?