Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cher Reached One Million Twitter Followers - Demands Snoopy Dance!

Just moments ago, Cher reached the all-important Twitter milestone of having one million Twitter followers.

The 'Believe' singer took to the social networking site a little over an hour ago in anticipation of the upcoming milestone, when she still had a slightly less than one million followers.

The anticipation was drawn out over a series of tweets by the star; she first tweeted, addressing her fans by the name "lovelies" - as always, "Lovelies, it seems so close!"

She revealed how she wanted fans and herself to celebrate the event, "Go to YouTube and find Snoopy dance and we'll do it together! Guys, don't be butch, jump around and be a kid again! We'll laugh!"

Just before she reached the million mark, the eternally-youthful songstress tweeted, "I think it's time to stand up and dance! It's scary huh! Here I Go! OK, I'm channeling Snoopy! I'm getting up! Here it goes."

The Snoopy dance from 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'

Eight minutes later, Cher returned post-dance, tweeting, "Oh my god! I'm out of breath! Ahh ahh! Whoa! That was fun and silly and if my Rinpoche had been here, he would have been rocking out and he's a lama."

After reaching the goal amount of followers, she happily tweeted, "CONGRATULATIONS! Yeah for us!"

"I'm excited we're all here celebrating together! I don't want to break up the party but it's so late and I've really got to go to bed earlier! WORK", she concluded.

NOTE: When 'Cher News' debuted in August 2011, its very first article was "Cher has 300,000 Followers" - we've all come a long way!


  1. Congrats on 1 Million followers !!
    Now Cher when's the first single dropping??

  2. Cher recorded The Greatest Thing in July 2011 for a Sept 2011 release. Lady Gaga recorded her part in July 2011 so both gals recorded back in July 2011. Still no sign of The Greatest Thing or any Cher single. Warner Bros site has nothing new scheduled for Cher listed at all. Sad about this craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy wait.

  3. 2 long 2 wait for new cher. will twitter help her career? gaga has a ton of twitter followees. tgt will be red hot for cher + gaga