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'Cher News' Presents Your All-Time Favorite Cher Songs (2012!): 40 - 31

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We count down the next ten songs voted by Cher's fans in their all-time favorite Cher songs.

As you will probably already know, 'Cher News' asked you fans for your favorite Cher songs of all-time. Many of you voted – you got to pick your favorite five – and they have all been accumulated into an ultimate list of Cher's fans all-time favorite Cher songs here on 'Cher News'.

The ten tracks revealed here in this article are numbers 40-31 – where you'll see two tacks from 'living Proof', a Sonny & cher hit and one of Cher's US number one hits! Now, let's begin, with a track taken from Cher's 1989 'Heart of Stone' that is one of the most well-known hits from her lenghy back-catalogue.

50 - 41

30 - 21

20 - 11

10 - 1

40. 'Just Like Jesse James'
The second international – and third American – single to be lifted off Cher's 1989 transatlantic album 'Heart of Stone' is this track. It followed Cher's 'After All' and 'If I Could Turn Back Time' into the top ten of the US Hot 100 chart, reaching number 8 in early 1990. Like 'After All', it performed well despite its absence of a proper music video.

39. 'Many Rivers To Cross'
This top 50 countdown was to feature studio-recorded songs only. However, due to popular demand, Cher's 1990 live rendition of Jimmy Cliff's much-covered 'Many Rivers To Cross' is the sole live track in the list. The song was featured on a Cher album and was released as a single – her only live single to date. The song was taken from Cher's 1992 greatest hits album – released outside North America – 'Greatest Hits:1965-1992', as one of three new songs. Despite the album's 7 weeks atop the UK album chart, 'Many Rivers To Cross' still managed to chart in the UK top 40.

38. 'Little Man'
The only – yes only - Sonny & Cher track in this entire top 50 countdown is the 1966 hit single 'Little Man'. Despite only reaching number 21 in their native US, this duet found huge success across Europe that year, reaching number one in numerous countries and the top ten in many more – including the big markets; number 2 in Germany, number 4 in the UK and number 7 in France.

37. 'Love One Another'
Cher's Grammy-nominated dance number 'Love On Another', taken from her 2001 US-Gold certified album 'Living Proof', is at number 37. It was released alongside 'When The Money's Gone' as the third and final US single from the album to modest success.

36. 'I Walk On Guilded Splinters'
Generally one of the highest-praised tracks – and the highest in this list – from Cher's poorly-selling yet fondly-remembered 1969 album '3614 Jackson Highway' is this song written by 5-time Grammy-Award winner Dr. John (Creaux). The song was the sixth track on the album.

35. 'With or Without You'
This song is an emotional ballad written solely by Cher herself. It is from Cher's 2000 internet-only release '' – which has already had two tracks featured in this countdown. Listen to the lyrics and you may want to know who she wrote this song about but you'll have to keep guessing as she's always kept that information under wraps.

34. 'Love Is A Lonely Place Without You'
Another dance tune from Cher's 2001 studio album 'Living Proof' – her latest studio album up-to-date. It's track 8 on the international version whilst it is track 9 on the US version of the album. The song was written by Mark Taylor, Paul Barry and Steve Torch – a trio of writers who penned another track that we'll see further up in this list of your favorite Cher songs.

33. 'Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves'
What can be said about this tune? Everyone knows it, right? Released in late 1971, the track reached number one – becoming her first solo release to do so – on the American charts, spending two weeks there. It also reached number 4 in the UK. It's Cher's second best-selling solo single of all-time, behind 1998's 'Believe'. It was also the first of many major comebacks from our favorite songstress, becoming her first hit single in four year!

32. 'You Better Sit Down Kids'
Coincidentally, this was the last hit Cher had before she returned to the charts with 'Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves'. Released back in late 1967, the sonny Bono-penned gender-switching track has often been credited as the first hit single to discuss the then-controversial topic of divorce. It reached number 9 on the US Hot 100.

31. 'The Gunman'
Released the year that Cher turned 50, this song – with a sultry spoken intro and outro – was included as track 11 on the UK top 10 version of Cher's 1996 'It's A Man's World'. It was slightly edited, removing the spoken parts, for inclusion on the lesser-successful US version of the album.

There goes another ten tunes in the countdown! Can you believe that we'll only see that one Sonny & Cher track? Plus, maybe you'd have expected to see 'Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves' a little higher? (And that leaves you to wonder whether Cher's two other 1970's US number ones, namely 'Half Breed' and 'Dark Lady', made the list?)

Now, here's a little something extra. Can you guess which of Cher's albums have the most tracks present in the entire countdown? Could it be her biggest selling album 'Believe'?, her latest album 'Living proof', or one of her three Geffen-era albums – 'Cher', 'Heart of Stone' or 'Love Hurts'? Well it is one of those! Let's take a look!

With two tracks each in the countdown are Cher's albums 'Love Hurts', 'Burlesque', 'Dark lady', 'Stars' and '3614 Jackson Highway'.

With three tracks present in our list of your all-time favorite Cher songs is her 1987 album 'Cher' – one of which we've already seen.

Cher's 1998 big-seller 'Believe' and 2000 internet-only '' both have four tracks somewhere in the top 50. We haven't seen a single one of the quartet of 'Believe' tracks yet in the list! Meanwhile, we've already seen three from ''.

Next up are Cher's 1995 album 'It's A Man's World' and 2001's 'Living Proof' which are both represented in the countdown with five tracks each.

So top is... 'Heart of Stone' – Cher's multi-platinum 1989 release which has a staggering seven (of its 12) tracks included in the list of your favorite Cher songs of all-time! A surprise?

Next time, we'll be counting down tracks 30-21, where we'll see a top ten duet, a track from the 'Burlesque' soundtrack, the first song in the countdown from 'Believe' and three songs from 1975 that are mostly unknown to casual Cher listeners but are astoundingly popular amongst her most die-hard fans.

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