Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tickled Pink – Cher Excited For Two New Songs Written By Pop Superstar Pink

Cher and Pink
Cher has revealed that pop superstar Pink has written songs for her upcoming album.

The 'Living Proof' songstress, who has been using Twitter more than ever lately, has once again took to the social networking site – this time to talk about her new album.

The star opened up with, “I had meeting tonight with my record company. They loved all the songs I've done [for the album]!”

Cher then revealed the news that pop singer/songwriter Pink has written two songs for her new album; “I've got two new great songs! Pink wrote them! She is so f**king talented!”

Seemingly speaking about the release of the album, Cher wrote, “The record company wants it out the end of this year”, before adding that they have “Picked [the album's first] single.”

One Twitter user asked the 66-year-old pop legend, “Are the songs that Pink wrote rock or dance?” Cher answered, showcasing her excitement that she now has the songwriting credits of two giant pop superstars on the new album, “The first song is both! It's great! It kicks much ass! The second is a ballad! I'm lucky biatch! Gaga and Pink!”

With the excitement of Pink's new songs on her mind, Cher also posted a new photo of herself, saying, “The picture of me looks grim but I'm happy!”

Photo that Cher uploaded to Twitter, July 2012


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    1. That's the spirit! Cher fans should unite now more than ever!!!

  3. Can't wait for Cher new music!

  4. Cher will be number one on all the charts.