Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cher's New Song! 'Silver Wings' With Jesse Jo Stark

Cher, June 2012
Singing legend Cher has released a brand new song on YouTube.

If you follow Cher on social networking site Twitter, you'll know that she's recently been promising fans that a “surprise” will be coming their way . Moments ago, Cher unleashed the surprise – a brand new recording!

The 66-year-old icon released the brand new song to the public on her YouTube account. The song in question is 'Silver Wings', a country track recorded with her God-daughter Jesse Jo Stark – daughter of 'Chrome Hearts' founder Richard Stark.

The star tweeted, “'Silver Wings' – this is a song for Richard, me and Jesse Jo”, followed by a link to the video on YouTube.

Cher made it clear on Twitter that the song, previously recorded by country legend Merle Haggard, will not be available for purchase. She said, “We had to do 'Silver Wings' many times! It's Sweet! It won't be sold! Thought it would bring a smile and a tear!”

Whilst the song is new to us, the duet is certainly not new to Cher or Jesse. The 'You Haven't Seen The Last of Me' singer talked about this particular duet all the way back in October on Twitter.

This is one of at least three duets that Cher has been working on in recent years - others being the as-of-yet unreleased track with her mother Georgia Holt and the Lady Gaga duet 'The Greatest Thing' which is to be included on her upcoming album.


  1. A song from a singer that needs to make more music for us..truly gifted singer she is

  2. Strongenough33327 June, 2012 17:39

    I really loved it. It brought a tear to my eye, especially with all the pictures. It was beautiful.

  3. any way to see it other than u-tube, can't get u-tube at work and since she is going to make us wait forever for her album i so want to see and hear this song??? Let me know!!!!

  4. I have been listening to Cher since I was a little boy watching the Sonny and Cher show! Cher and Barbra Streisand two of my favorite Actors and Singers of all time! Pretty Hot too. Hope to catch her on this upcoming tour! Never saw both her and Barbra both have soul you can't beat!!

    1. A straight(?) guy liking Barbara and Cher and reffering to them as hot? That made my day!...not that I diasagree: I like Streisand and worship Cher

  5. there is nothing she cant sing!!!

  6. I'm not at all a fan of country music, but that was beautiful!

  7. Love it so much....paul

  8. I have been a Cher devotee for all the years she has been working...She is still distinctive and moving!

  9. That is incredibly beautiful, heartfelt and warm. You can feel the love of both ladies in there.
    I only wish I could buy it, it is one of the most beautiful renditions I have heard and I have several of that exact song.
    Grew up listening/loving Cher. Her life is an inspiration to me and her voice is beyond golden.
    May she have many happy days ahead, and many more songs to sing.
    Blessed be to you, Cher.