Monday, June 04, 2012

Cher and RedOne Tweet About 'The Greatest Thing'

Pop superstar Cher and music producer RedOne have each tweeted about the Cher-Lady Gaga duet 'The Greatest Thing'.

The tweet concerning the duet that was posted earlier by music producer RedOne immediately left some 'lovelies' and 'little monsters' - the terms given to Cher fans and Gaga fans respectively - simply worried! A Twitter user asked RedOne, "How did the 'The Greatest Thing' come out with Cher and Lady Gaga?". The music producer - most famous for his work with Gaga, and who produced this duet - somewhat-confusingly replied, "Not happening its a shame!!!"

Now, some - to no fault of their own - took this to mean that the song is not being made, or to something of that effect. That's not the case. Previous plans stated that 'The Greatest Thing' would be the first single lifted off Cher's upcoming album - this was changed. This is what RedOne was referring to.

'The Greatest Thing' by Cher and Lady Gaga has been completed and will be available as an album track on Cher's upcoming album.

Whether the song will ever serve as a single is currently not yet known.

Now, let's get to Cher's tweets! If you want to hear all this from Cher's lips, well you can: the 'Burlesque' star said, "'The Greatest Thing' is finished and on my CD." This tweet was in response to a rather rude tweet from yet another 'fan' of either Cher or Gaga, who like many others before them insisted on badgering the 66-year-old star for information - that she's already given at one time or another - on the Lady Gaga-penned track.

A far more fresh tweet came a short time afterwards when another Twitter user asked, "Is 'The Greatest Thing' a fast song or a slow song? Any hint?". Cher answered, "Up to now, they [the album tracks] are all hardcore dance! 'The Greatest Thing' is the softest one but it's dance too."

Now this got me thinking - this will be Cher's third dance album after 1998's hugely-successful 'Believe' and 2001's US top ten 'Living Proof'. What if she released this one as a sequel - something she's never done before - to one of those aforementioned albums, calling the new album 'Believe II', 'Living Proof II' or something along those lines? Would this be a good idea or not? Can you think of a better title for a 'Believe' or 'Living Proof' sequel? And which other Cher album would you like to see a sequel to?


  1. 'The Greatest Thing' would make a good name for the album, but it wouldn't surprise me if Cher named it something jokey to do with her age, like 'Not Gone Yet' or something?

    Either way, I can't wait to hear the new songs <3

  2. I liked Living Proof better than Believe. I felt the songs were stronger and I can listen to Living Proof without getting tired of it. Maybe "Still Living Proof" or "Always Living Proof"? LOL I think it's brilliant that The Greatest Thing is not the lead off single. People will be interested in the album because of the single and after Cher's first single is fadin she can release TGT as another chat topper because casual listeners who didn't buy the album will not have heard it

  3. I think they should just make it a single already! So many people have been waiting and have been told it would be coming out in September, and it's been almost a year. And still, most are excited. I think that would be an excellent solution to the problem, then she could still have it on her album when it comes out.

  4. Hope its a club beat not a camp club/pop beat like basshunter.

  5. She could just name it "25" since it's her 25th studio album...

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