Monday, February 27, 2012

Come To DVD, '...Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean'

Mark Patton at the 2011 'Horror Weekend Convention' in Gatlinburg, TennesseeCher's film "Come Back to the 5 & Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean" will be released on DVD for the very first time.

1982's "Come Back to the 5 & Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean" is Cher's only movie that has not yet been released on DVD - but that is about to change! The film starred Cher (for which she received a Golden Globe nomination) alongside Sandy Dennis, Karen Black, Sudie Bond, Kathy Bates and Mark Patton. It's the latter star that has given us the good news.

In an interview, (held during the first 'Horror Weekend Convention' in Gatlinburg, Tennessee in early October 2011) for inclusion at 'Monsters From The Basement' - a popular website "dedicated to horror movies past and present, horror conventions and horror hosts' - Mark Patton revealed the news that a DVD of the film is to be released. The actor-turned-interior designer said, "It's getting ready for the very first time to be released on DVD, which has never been done before, and so that will be next month - I just did my commentary for it - so it's getting ready to come out."

This news comes more than a year after the film was restored by the UCLA Film & Television Archive as part of a restoration of director Robert Altman's work in a bid to "...Preserve Mr. Altman's Artistic legacy." The restored version was shown during the UCLA Festival of Preservation in March last year.

Of course, Patton couldn't be asked about the film without being asked about working with Academy Award-winner Cher. He was asked to comment on what it was like to work with the entertainment legend. He said, "Fantastic! When I was a little boy, I loved Cher - you know, I liked to sit and watch [her on television]. When you wake up a few years later and you're friends [with her] - it was an amazing experience for me."

Patton, who is perhaps best-known for his role in 'A Nightmare on Elmstreet Part 2: Freddy's Revenge', continued, "And I babysat Elijah. And Chaz and I are still very good friends - we have houses on the same street in Los Angeles. I still love Cher. She still gets me free concert tickets - she's a good friend."

When the quickened subject of Cher's new tour arose, the interviewer mentioned the longevity of her "Farewell Tour". Patton responded, "I have a friend who's her accountant and she's like, 'When this much money's rolling in, you just keep going'. [...] Because she supports a lot of people, it's not only her getting that money [...] but all those people, like Debbie her back-up singer [who] has been with her for forty years - she's turned all those people into millionaires. So, that's why she keeps working - when she goes to work, 200 people go to work. I think it's a pretty cool thing."

Many things aren't yet known about the DVD release with the biggest questions being about the release date and most importanty, if the DVD will be available in all regions.


  1. Oh Great one more thing that wil take it's time coming out. Thank God, not only did I see this play in NYC, I also have it on VHS tape. I LOVED the play. And I would love to have it on DVD, but I won't hold my breath waiting for it.

  2. Hello, I am James Downing who did the interview with Mark. Just wanted to add that he was one of the nicest people I have ever met. We had set the interview up on Facebook a few weeks before the convention and I was really excited about talking with him and had to put in a few words about Cher since I knew he co-starred with her in the film. Thanks to everyone who has listened to the interview!!

  3. Thank you James for providing the interview - without it, we wouldn't all have known about the DVD release! This is something that Cher fans have long been waiting for. Plus, thank you from me for coming here and leaving a comment - it's much-appreciated.

  4. James Downing, would Mark mind you contacting him again? I don't think this ever was released and I thought he might have further into. I have found it on some "questionable" retailer sites, but they don't look like authentic versions (probably transferred from VHS). This movie is one of my all time favorites and I would SO LOVE to have a good quality version of it on DVD. Thanks!

  5. I guess we are still holding our collective breaths, waiting for that DVD.