Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cher Has 500,000 Followers

CherLegendary entertainer Cher now has over 500,000 'Twitter' followers.

Back in early August, the very first 'Cher News' article reported that Cher had achieved 300,000 followers on social networking site 'Twitter'. Six months later, Cher has hit the half-a-million mark.

In those months, Cher has used the site to reveal information regarding her upcoming album, her new tour and the Broadway play that is to be based on her life.

The 65-year-old singer/actress has also hit headlines in the past six months due to her involvement on Twitter; she used the platform to reveal her feelings about son Chaz's 'Dancing With The Stars' appearances, plus it's where she told the public that she would attend a recording of the show; her so-called 'Twitter' 'feud' with rapper Nicki Minaj made column inches; and similarly, certain media outlets wrongly reported that Cher had dissed Kim Kardishian when the 'Believe' singer tweeted about the reality television star.

More recently, Cher was talked about all over 'Twitter' during a hoax when the phrase 'RIP Cher' became a trending topic.


  1. I'll be the 500.001 heheh :)

  2. That number will definitely be in the millions once fans realize she's back with an album and new tour! Promote Cher!

  3. Oh yeah, I know how she achieved that haha...