Thursday, November 03, 2011

Doriana Sanchez: Cher Saved My Life!

Doriana SanchezCher's choreographer has told 'Star' magazine that Cher saved her life.

Doriana Sanchez, who is best-known as Cher's choreographer, has revealed that Cher saved her life! During a rehearsal of Cher's Las Vegas concerts, titled 'Cher Live At The Colosseum', Sanchez fell onstage. Whilst seriously hurting her back, close-friend Cher came to her rescue.

Sanchez, who has been close-friends with Cher for 26 years, told 'Star' magazine, "As the months went by, it got worse."

Doriana Sanchez reveals that Cher sent her on a private jet from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, to visit a spine specialist.

However, Sanchez suffered a setback when she had a "terrible seizure" while at Cher's Los Angeles home.

UCLA neurosurgeon Dr. Neil Martin subsequently discovered a large brain tumor that needed to be removed and Doriana says that Cher was by her side the whole time.

Sanchez said, "Before surgery, we did our secret prayer that we do before Cher's shows. And she added sparkles to the hospital room, bedazzling it to give it the Cher touch!"

She touchingly concluded, "Cher was by my side the whole time. I wouldn't be here without her."

The full exclusive interview can be found in 'Star' magazine.


  1. Cher must be a great friend to have. So full of Love she is!

  2. I have met Doriana several times and she is a sweetheart. I am glad Cher was there showing her love and support. Cher is a great human being and cares for all people!

  3. one more proof that Cher is a really cool person. :)

  4. I would love to be Cher's friend!