Friday, November 25, 2011

Cher's Unforgettable Oscar Dresses... Part Two

By now, you have probably seen the first part to "Cher's Unforgettable Oscar Dresses" and now we take a look at the rest - starting with something very special!

Cher managed to steal the limelight at the 1986 Academy Awards by wearing this memorable Bob Mackie outfit. Widely known as something of a 'statement' dress, Cher wore this outfit because the 'Academy' failed to nominate her for her highly-acclaimed starring role in the 1985 hit "Mask." It worked well because the outfit is undoubtedly one of the most famous Oscar dresses of all-time.

Cher at the 1986 Academy Awards

The 60th Annual Academy Awards, hosted in 1988, witnessed Cher winning the 'Best Actress' Award for her role in "Moonstruck". This outfit is so memorable, that it is featured in the new book by Hal Rubenstein, titled '100 Unforgettable Dresses'.

Cher at the 1988 Academy Awards
The 61st Annual Academy Awards saw the previous years' 'Best Actress' Oscar-winner return to present the 'Best Picture' Award. She walked the red carpet with then-boyfriend Rob Camiletti in a sexy short black dress.

Cher at the 1989 Academy Awards
Nearly a decade after her last visit to the Oscar's, Cher attended the 70th event with son Elijah Blue Allman, whilst sporting a flesh-coloured dress.

Cher at the 1998 Academy Awards
In 2000, Cher attended the 72nd Annual Academy Awards to present the 'Best Original Song' Award. Her choice of outfit this year was easily her least outlandish yet.

Cher at the 2000 Academy Awards
So there they are - all of Cher's unforgettable Oscar dresses! Fortunately, the 65-year-old legend will probably add to this list in the years to come!


  1. As always, Cher looked beautiful in ALL of her gowns. You can't make a beautiful woman ugly!!!!

  2. 1986- 26 years later--This memorable Bob Mackie outfit IS STILL TALKED about every year!!! FROM TIME TO TIME i look at the clip from when she won the Oscar,, as i look at the other women in the audience,, she is the only one that doesnt look dated,, all the others are wearing huge football shoulder pads,,its a timeless piece--who else has done that??

  3. I loved her look when she was at the Oscars circa 1967 or 1968 and when she presented with Sonny in 1972 or 1973. Cher hardly ever presents on any award shows now and it is a shame. We love seeing our Cher at these events as she is an eternal star.

  4. Nearly 100% of the women at the Oscars now look like clones and all we hear about is what designer they are wearing. Most of them look like they bought their tasteful gowns off the rack. They are LOANED jewels from the biggies but are all bores. CHER was never boring. Too bad making movies bores HER or she would make them. I hope Cher does a film after her tour so we might get to see her in feathers and headdresses down the line!