Friday, October 21, 2011

David Arquette: It Was Great Teaching Coco About Cher

Actor David Arquette and his daughter Coco
David Arquette has given his daughter Coco a "Cher tutorial" after the seven year old sat next to Cher at 'Dancing With The Stars.'

Superstar Cher was at a live show of 'Dancing With The Stars' to cheer on her son Chaz Bono, whilst David Arquette's daughter Coco was cheering on her father.

Coco was lucky enough to be seated next to the 65 year old singing legend Cher but didn't quite know exactly who she was.

Therefore, David decided to teach his seven-year-old daughter about the singing legend. The 'Scream' actor even went as far as singing some of Cher’s hits to Coco!

During a recent interview on 'The Talk', David said, "The next day (After 'Dancing With The Stars') we had some time before school and we did a little Cher tutorial. I explained, 'I Got You Babe', Sonny and Cher and all that stuff."

That morning, David also tweeted Cher's son and fellow 'Dancing With The Stars' competitor, Chaz Bono. He said, "I gave Coco a lesson this morning on Cher magic. She's now up to speed with Cher's Iconic career. She loved meeting your mum."

David has been gushing over the 'If I Could Turn Back Time' singer ever since the meeting, especially on Twitter, although it was Cher who seemingly made the first move. After the show, Cher mentioned that Chaz was her favorite, and that David was second.

David responded, "Thank you Cher! I'm such a huge fan. You looked gorgeous last night."

More recently, David tweeted, "It was great teaching Coco about Cher - I Got You Babe, The Beat Goes On - Doesn't get any

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