Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kathy Griffin on Cher: We're Genuine Buds

Cher and Kathy Griffin at the premiere of 'Zookeeper'
Comedienne Kathy Griffin has spoken out about her friendship with Cher in an interview to celebrity mogul Perez Hilton:

You're like best friends for real now [with Cher]. It's not like pretend. You know in Hollywood, there's always like fake friendships?
"It's cra - look, it's crazy, and magical, and truly I - look we're genuine buds. But of course I can't believe it either. And I will say that to her, and she'll go, 'Bitch, you got to relax, I'm just fucking Cher.' And I really love her because as you know, a celebrity that can make fun of themselves is very unique and rare. So I can actually make fun of her to her face."

What do you do when you and Cher just hang out? Do you like to stay in, does she go out?
"No, she does not go out. And so what's funny is I actually went to the premier of the 'Zookeeper' with her because she was one of the voices. And it didn’t occur to me until we were in the middle of a Cher mob scene that I've never really been out in public with her. So usually I go to her house, which I love, and we call Cher Island -"

In Malibu.
"-because she bought the whole block."

Everybody knows where Cher lives.
"Yes, Pacific Coast and Malibu. Yeah."

You go down and turn right.
"So usually we just - we met once through Rosie O'Donnell, and then Cher called me and of course it sounded like a Cher impersonator, and not a great one, but a pretty good one. And then we just kick it in her house. We, not unlike this, we sit on the cou-"

Do you drink booze?
"She doesn’t drink at all."

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