Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Gaga To Fans: Let's show Cher How Much We Appreciate Her

Cher; Lady Gaga
As every Cher fan - and Lady Gaga fan - knows, Cher and Gaga recorded a duet entitled 'The Greatest Thing' for the former's 2013 US#3 studio album 'Closer To The Truth'. However, Gaga demanded that the track be removed from the album's track-list near the last minute.

However, the 'If I Could Turn Back Time' singer is not sour about it at all. In fact, the music legend has said nothing but positive words about her fellow wig-wearing songstress, and has recently been using social networking site Twitter to tell Gaga that she is greatly enjoying the "amazing" 'Cheek To Cheek' - Gaga's new collaborative studio album with veteran singer Tony Bennett.

Cher wrote to Gaga a few days back: "So f*cking proud of you Gaga. I heard (and saw) amazing CD collaboration 'Cheek To Cheek' with the forever hip Tony Bennett. Babe, you're channelling jazz greats and killin' me."

One fan then asked Cher if she had ever sang with fellow veteran musician Bennett; she answered, "Tried. I love him. I was desolate. The song didn't work for both of our ranges. It's OK. Gaga and Tony Bennett knocked it out of the park."

The ever-honest 'Moonstruck' actress then wrote to her two-million-followers: "No-one could make me say anything that I don't believe, when it comes to art. Gaga sang her ass off! Pure heaven talent. F*ck haters".

Later on, Gaga replied, "You know Cher, that level of support coming from you means more than you will ever know. Your confidence is the mark of a true legend. Love you."

The 'Bad Romance' singer - whom has covered Cher's 1966 US#2 million-seller 'Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)' as a bonus track for 'Cheek To Cheek' - added, "It's a supreme honor to sing 'Bang Bang', that song time-travelled and continues to inspire, I wish to honor your legacy with every breath."

Clearly appreciative of the support from Cher, Gaga - whom affectionately calls her fans "Little Monsters" - then asked her whopping 42-million followers to get a Cher hashtag to trend on Twitter: "Trend it Monsters. Let's show Cher how much we appreciate her #MonstersLoveCher Now that's what I call class!"

Short share:
  • Cher tweeted about a sad childhood memory: "When I was four, my 6-foot-1 father beat me with a belt. I looked up at him, shook, and wondered what did I do. How can you do this? I'm so tired and I love you. Why?"


  1. Nice to see Cher holds no grudges. I am still upset over The Greatest Thing. That song was VERY good and BOTH Cher and Gaga did a great job so killing it made zero sense.

  2. Lisa love the song too!!!,, CHER vocals on it R AMAZING, i think CHER overpowered gaga,dont u think so?, that could be the reason why gaga didnt want it on the cd.

  3. Normally what happens if one artist is unhappy is that they re-edit and beef up one artist's vocals or they recut their tiny part. I mean the song is only 3 or 4 minutes long so Gaga's part is a minute or 2. To redo it would have been so easy. It is upsetting since TGT was talked about for ages and ages and ages and for it to be cut at the last minute for a silly reason is beyond belief! Gaga owes Cher a song for them to do together. Anyhow, I love TGT just as it is. Gaga wrote a fun song and they sounded great as a duo.