Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cher's 'Closer To The Truth' Jumps More Than 160 Positions Up The Billboard 200

CherCher's latest album 'Closer To The Truth' has returned to the Billboard 200 chart this week to #36.

The album debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200 back in September and spent 14 consecutive weeks on the chart before falling below the chart's 200 positions. However, the album has returned to the Billboard 200 this week, climbing more than a staggering 160 places to #36 - giving the album its tenth week inside the chart's top 40.

The album's resurgence on the all-important US chart was partly due to the ongoing promotion of having a chart-eligible CD copy of the album included with online tickets for Cher's upcoming 'Dressed To Kill Tour'.

Cher's current US single 'Take It Like A Man' has also jumped up one spot from #3 to #2 on on this week's Billboard's Dance Club Songs chart - almost hitting the #1 spot, which was achieved by the album's previous single 'Woman's World'.

Update: 'Take It Like A Man' has spent a second week at #2 on Billboard's Dance Club Songs chart.


  1. HOLY COWS,, this is damn good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just what i was hoping for

  2. she's up to #2 on the club charts on billboard!

  3. TAKE IT LIKE A MAN is also #23 on the BILLBOARD Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart for this week ending February 1, 2014!

  4. she should enter the hot 100

  5. I wish it were that easy but its not. NO older WOMAN gets mainstream radio play in the USA. Cher's Woman's World actually DID and that was a big deal. Unless Cher features someone or another artist features Cher, she will not get on mainstream radio in the USA. It is very sad but the American radio programmers are Ageist and Sexist.