Saturday, November 24, 2012

Twitter News Round-up: 'Woman's World' Release Date, Russia Private Gig Set List & Georgia's Well-Being Following Pneumonia

Cher has tweeted about the release date of 'Woman's World', her one-off gig in Russia and her mother's well-being.

Another Twitter session from cher means another bundle of news! Just hours ago, she kick-started the proceedings by tweeting about her upcoming private show in Russia.

Cher revealed that she was set to rehearse for her upcoming one-off private gig in Russia - and shared with us the set list, "I'm going to rehearse for Russian show! Want to see the set list? 'Strong Enough', 'All or Nothing', 'I Found Someone', 'The Beat Goes On', 'All I Really Want To Do', 'The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)', 'Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves', 'Half Breed', 'Welcome To Burlesque', 'Take Me Home', 'Heart of Stone', 'If I Could Turn Back Time' and 'Believe'! Six costume changes - maybe seven."

When one fan asked if she had picked the set list herself, she answered, "They gave me a list of songs they love and I picked the set list! I've never done this before... should be fun!"

Perhaps more importantly, Cher spoke about the release date of her new single 'Woman's World'. Of course, Cher originally told us that the new single will be released on Monday 26 November but we have heard something different since - with 'Billboard' saying it will be released on Tuesday and then Cher's publicist pretty much saying that a release date has not yet been established.

Cher explained why she initially told us the Monday release date - and promised to let us all know when she knows the single's release date; one fan asked her "Is 'Woman's' World' no longer being released on Monday?" Cher replied, "I don't know! I told you Monday because they told me Monday. When I know, you'll know! It was messed up because of Thanksgiving."

Cher recently announced that her mother, Georgia, had a recent battle with pneumonia - so one fan asked, "How is your mum doing? Is she getting better?" Cher answered, "Much better. I'm going to her house, and let her tweet, but I will be on iPad. I can't trust her, in one minute, she'll be showing naked baby pictures".


  1. haha, typicall cher, and i just love her humor!
    btw, thx for this site, kind of hard to get info off her tweets withouth this page! :D