Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Twitter News Round-up: 'Woman's World' Music Video Shoot Date, New 'Woman's World' single cover

Cher has tweeted more about the release dates of her new music, has revealed when she plans to shoot a video for her new single 'Woman's World' and has announced plans to change the single's cover art.

Cher took to Twitter late on Monday 26 November (Los Angeles time) to talk to her fans about her new projects.

One of the first things that Cher - one of the most legendary female singers on the planet - tweeted about was the music video to her new single 'Woman's World'; speaking of when she plans to shoot the video, she tweeted, "We might try and do the video on December 4th, but I don't know if we can get it together by then? It takes so much planning and we are rehearsing for Russia at the same time."

Her legion of fans have been patiently awaiting the release of her new single; one fan asked Cher, "Will your new single be available on iTunes soon?"

She replied, "I don't know. The record company told us [that it would be released on] Monday, but, as you can see, it's Monday and there are no "little $$'s pouring in". Short answer... I don't know".

But whilst the single's release date has changed multiple times recently, the (vague) release date of its parent album has remained the same as it has been for a while; "Early 2013", Cher once again stated the album's release date to be.

'Woman's World' single cover
A number of fans have expressed their disappointment at the artwork on the cover of 'Woman's World' - and some have gone as far as asking Warner brothers to change it. Well, their prayers have been answered as Cher stated that she wants a "new picture" for it.

About the photo that is on its cover, she wrote; "That picture was for 'Burlesque' but we thought we might have to drop 'Woman's World' in a day, so we did that cover in a day! I want new picture!"

What do you think about the current cover of 'Womans's World'? Are you a fan of it or not?


  1. Right now the cover does look like it could have been done by a twelve year old but you can't blame anybody for it. The cover had to be done fast for the unanticipated early realease on You Tube, there would have been more complaint if there had been no cover or no release at all. I'm sure that when the do an offical new cover for womans world it will be great and Cher will be flawlessly beautiful as she always is.

  2. we all want to see new hot n sexy pics of CHER, but is it new pics or her music we r after? or both?,,as for me i take the music, the current artwork/pic she looks beautiful nonetheless. With all those fans that contacted WB about the artwork,video, is this now the reason why the release of the single has been set back, will this affect charting the BB now?? i hope during the release date n making of video, WW gets radio play

  3. no black hair !

  4. Those are just bad wigs. She is beautiful however wiggy. She has a natural beauty and wish we could see more of that. Or.... Just get better wigs!

  5. No leather, fishnets, or big black curly wigs

  6. When she just has her natural hair she looks best. I personally am sick of wigs especially red or blonde. Cher's natural long and straight hair is beautiful.


  8. I think Warners will now support this song. In the USA it is nearly impossible for a POP/Dance song to get airplay on USA radio. I think WBR will try to get this to change for this song. Cher's fans need to do thei part as Daniel did trying to get Woman's World to Trend. We all need to do these types of things to get this song and others to make it. Lady Gaga's Little Monsters are very supportive of Woman's World. I hope WBR notices this and gets The Greatest Thing out as single number 2 since Gaga's Army really pushes hard!!!!

  9. I just want the single. It's not on itunes....just another lie.

  10. There is a Woman's World podcast of the song on iTunes by a DJ DougMc-Cher- "Woman's World -Let's Stop Misogyny Bootleg Club Mix". About the cover, it shows was rushed! Looks cheap! New cover please!


  11. It does not look like a rush job, these pics were taken for Burlesque promo, RUSHED would be stand in front of camera smile snap , done,, give her a break guys,, she looks amazing!!!!!!!!!! these request is gonna push back the release of the single n video then its left to face trying to chart,

    1. Of course the picture is flawless, but it's an old one. The typo is not professional and the layout looks roughly done. Sloppy, if you know what I mean. Who would make a comeback with old material? No it's Warner who's lazy or bad planned. Strange it is...
      I love the song and am very happy to hear her again with new material.
      To me they can release the song on iTunes with just a Cher-logo and if not ready with cover do that later. The song is already here...

  12. her you tube hits are in the 300,000s after less than a week. if you look at the warner brothers site cher's clip of woman's world is beating all the rest of the clips warner bros has on their site. by dec 1 i am sure she will have over 500,000 views so warner bros has to notice it

  13. she looks great

  14. glad to hear warner bros is putting out a physical single