Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cher's 'Womans' World' To Be Released On Monday 26 November

Cher, who announced the release date of her new single
Cher has announced that her new single 'Woman's' World' will be released on Monday 26 November.

After talking some about her new single 'Woman's World' on Twitter, Cher tweeted that a surprise was to come in "30 minutes". And what a surprise! The legendary pop singer tweeted, "'Womans' World' will be released on Mon".

"Mon"? Monday 26 November.

She then went on to say that "You'll be able to hear it in 30 minutes". Before the half-hour was over, she tweeted "Happy Thanksgiving!", with a link to, where the song is available for streaming.

Cher 'Woman's World' cover art
The single was originally expected to be released around January. However, the full demo of the song was leaked recently and prompted the early release of the single.

In the works is the music video to the single; Cher wrote, "Working on it now! We thought we had time but 'Woman's' World' started popping all over the world! We just started the single sleeve [seen above] at 5:30 today!"

The dance anthem was written by popular English DJ Paul Oakenfold amongst others.

The single is taken from Cher's upcoming album, which is still expected to be released early 2013 - it will be her first studio album since 2001's 'Living proof'.


  1. the music biz is very diff nowadays and we fans will luv ww but radio will not play it in the usa. it has nada to do with cher. it is the nature of us radio. sadly wb did not get everything done on time with cher and ww so we will have a single dropping with little real promo. they had eons of time 2 get this done but dragged their feet. i know this will be a great song but will be known only to us big fans

  2. great song! Thanks for the Thanksgiving treat. I disagree....I think like Believe this song just came out of nowhere and will do well...especially in the club. ANOTHER #1 hit for Cher! Also, there is still the Gaga duet for the second single and Red! And a tour! I think all of this has planned. Welcome to entertainment

    1. I AGREE 10000000000000% after all its the ONE AND ONLY CHER,,, LONG time and new fans all around the CHER world will make this a HUGE success,, CRITCIS JUST CANT GET ENUFF OF HER,, and after 12 years they will be all over it,,

  3. I think it can be huge! It is a dance song,and it will definitely have all on the dance floor!
    Glad she released it,after the big leak!!
    Was on twitter when she announced and supplied the link.It's Cher's world!

  4. Yes, Cher's Woman's World will be a #1 Dance song but that is not tough. ANY Cher song released to dance will go to #1. Sadly, the US Dance Chart is sort of a joke in the industry. What is so difficult for an older non R&B/Rap artist is to get USA RADIO play. An artist needs radio play to generate sales at the album level and radio airplay is vital to charting on the Billboard Hot 100. As an example Madonna's Girl Gone Wild was #1 on the Dance chart but peaked at #108 on the Billboard Bubbling Under chart for just one short week. Madonna's Turn Up the Radio was #1 on the Dance chart but due to zero radio airplay failed to even Bubble under the Billboard Hot 100. Radio airplay is nearly impossible now for a pop act not featuring anyone. The only thing that could have pushed this to maybe get Radio adds would be if Cher performed it on A BIG show like the American Music Awards or Grammys but with nothing scheduled and a Monday release that is out.

    By the way I LOVE Woman's World!!!!!!

    Cher still can belt out a song and it is so empowering. If the times were different this song would be a huge radio hit. Unfortunately radio has become rough for a pure POP act and that is just the way things are.

  5. Here's the official song uploaded by Warnerbros:

  6. thnx 4 link as i couldnt gt if fr wb st. i kept gettg mssg thk u 4 sub + phto of cher bt no song

  7. I am positive that Cher and Warners have a plan to promote the new single, just wait till Monday when it is released. I have been listening to it all night and it really is one of greatest songs.

    David San Francisco

  8. David, I know what you are saying is right and yes yes yes I too love the song! I also agree with the postings of how radio is now so changed. A solo artist like Cher with a Pop/Dance song has nearly zero chance at mainstream radio. This song would have been a Billboard #1 song if released in the 80s or 90s but now in the 2010s it is nearly impossible. I agree it will go to #1 at Dance. What a shame WB did not get the video done or anything else for this wonderful single. What a pity Cher is not scheduled to perform it anywhere. All those things are vital to a single's success. We fans are the only peope who even know about this single.

  9. Hi Daniel:
    Do you know where we can pre-order the physical CD single for Woman’s World? Cher does well with PHYSICAL sales, so we need to figure out the best places to place our pre-order for her physical single. Maybe they will press 12” vinyl since Cher always sells big at retail. Younger artists sell very little of the physical CDs (if any) but an older artist like Cher still has lots of fans who want physical single (as I do)!

  10. Hey guys! Stop complaining about the lack of promotion and go promote it!

    My friends are already sick of hearing me talk about it.

  11. if you dont like WW art cover please rite to warner how bad it is.

  12. i hope wb has lots of promo ideas