Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cher - More 'Woman's World' Leak Concerns

Cher: concerned that a fan has a full version of her unreleased track 'Woman's World'
Cher took to Twitter to ask fans if they knew of a new leak of 'Woman's World'.

When a portion of a demo of Cher's new song 'Woman's World' was leaked in October, Cher was not all too happy about it - and the whole scenario made pretty big news. Well, Cher is now more concerned after hearing that a "fan has a complete version of" the song.

She took to Twitter to ask her million-plus followers, "Does anyone have information? We heard that a fan has a complete version of 'Woman's World'. Of course, they probably don't have the final mix!"

Many of her followers replied, telling the ageless superstar many different things about leaks of the song that they have heard, or knew of.

She went on to say, "No matter how you try to protect your songs, after the vocals are finished, they go through so many hands! How did a random DJ in Wisconsin get it?"

Cher then showcased her "It's not the end of the world" attitude, and once more showcased her "love" for the songs that she has recorded for her new album; "I don't care! I love the songs! I'm proud of the CD! I know you won't be disappointed if you're a Cher fan! I'm not a fan and even I like it!"


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  3. I just heard the whole thing said she is releasing the single womans world on monday the 26th is this true does she know


  4. If she did not know about this it is a real slap in the face to a wonderful and sweet entertainer. she has hurt no one and people act like savages just to get their hands on a song I hope she sees this , im not so sure how to work this stupid computer but she can hear it and find it for herself on the above link