Friday, July 06, 2012

PHOTOS: Cher and Kathy Griffin Share Some Fun

Cher July 2012
Cher was joined by friend Kathy Griffin for a girlie few hours consisting of gossip, food and dressing-up!

Cher revealed just hours ago that friend and comedienne Griffin was at her home when she jokingly tweeted, "OK I'm sitting here looking at Kathleen! We were going to have a sleepover but she just informed me that her dogs are more important than me!"

She further joked, "The b**ch is now demanding that I do her make-up and put wig on her! I can't catch my breath - laughing so hard!"

"We are eating and gossiping!", Cher tweeted some hours ago.

Cher poses for the camera

She went on to reveal that she was giving Griffin the chance to listen to some of the new tracks from her upcoming album; "I'm playing her my songs now", she wrote.

Griffin in turn tweeted, "Cher just played [the] duet [that] she did [with] Lady Gaga" "[I] have chills & [you're going to] too. She played four new songs!"

Cher wrote more about the fun that the pair got up to; "We tried on everything in my closet! Fell on the floor laughing".

Cher - looking tired?

A tired Cher concluded the fun night just moments ago by tweeting, "I'm so tired - going to bed. You can see it in my eyes!", before posting the two exclusive photos.

Judging by the pair's tweets, more photos may be on their way via Griffin's Twitter account!


  1. Kathy Griffin is so funny :"Tiff ,Tiff, how does Pizza happen?" LMAO