Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Cher - New Album, Single and Tour Information: New Single Scheduled For September Release

Cher in a denim jacket
Cher has released an abundance of details concerning her new album, singles and tour via Twitter.

Cher - the Queen of comebacks - has a new album and tour in the works and she has been dishing out some brand new information about them!

The pop icon tweeted information about the new singles that are to be released from her upcoming studio album. “This is information I know”, she wrote, “The duet ['The Greatest Thing'] with Lady Gaga is great! I think it's [going to be the album's] second single.”

But what about the first single? - Well, it seems we might be hearing it sooner than anticipated! Cher wrote, “The “First single is set for September” It's my favourite [song on the album]”.

The star then talked about her upcoming world tour – perhaps signalling that the series of concerts may have to be delayed to no fault of her own; “About tour this year – I broke my foot in the 80's and between 'Burlesque' and falling on thrown hat on stage! I have to have minor work done on my foot! It must have time to heal before I go running back and forth across the stage like a crazy teenager! We are working on the show and it's beautiful!”

An excited Cher went on to say, “As [I've] never 'grown up' grown up – I want to run, to dance, for club to put my songs on and watch everyone dance, play Gaga duet for the world! I really can hardly wait.”

The international superstar took time out for a much more serious word with her legion of fans. She typed – seemingly referring to previous reactions from fans regarding the lateness of her upcoming releases in relation to the release dates she initially shared; “I need to talk! When I first came on Twitter, I didn't understand the magnitude - my responsibility to all of you. I was excited and wanted to share it with you! I didn't expect delay in the recording or your reactions! I wasn't prepared! I think the CD is one of my very best and I hope you will think it's worth the wait!”

The album is expected to have a Christmas release and though a September single release and Christmas album release sound a bit too familiar, I think it's probably safe to say that the coming months will witness the return at least the beginning of another comeback for Cher!


  1. Thank you for all things Cher! You have the most up to date and exciting information out there!!!

  2. You run a great site..Cher should use you!

  3. For you and your music dear lady, I'd wait an eternity.

  4. As I said before this is the best Cher site ever! The one with the freshest news about the Iconic Diva!


  5. I just absolutely love Cher i cant wait for her new CD and hope she tours in Texas seeing her live in concert is one of my biggest goals I'm 22 and would love to c her i would absolutely die just meeting her lol

  6. hi cher i dont know weather u get to see any of these but im 1 fanthat would just love to be able to just say hi.i have been to one of yoir concerts here in australia 15 years ago i wanted so bad 2 b at the farewell concert it was on my birthday and i was really sick anyway i have your name tattooed on my left arm its a picture from your fairwell concert im watchin it at the moment cant wait for the new single and then album and i will camp out for days if need be to see you in australia take care jane from ausxxxxxxx

  7. Cher is great seen her in concert several times the new cd should be great it's worth waiting for. sure the tour will be fabulous