Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cher's Best-Selling Singles Of The Seventies

One thing that causes heavy debate amongst die-hard Cher fans is the subject of her record sales. As a star who achieved worldwide popularity during the mid-sixties - a time when record sales weren't taken much notice of - it's considered almost-impossible to track Cher's record sales.

From an unbelievably low 30 million to an equally unbelievable high of 200 million, Cher's career-spanning worldwide record sales amount changes from source-to-source - and this got me thinking - "Is it possible to work out Cher's record sales?"

I've been searching through every available source to identify the multi-award winning star's record sales. Taking onboard music certifications, various reliable sources and chart-runs of all her records, from all over the globe, I'm now at a point where I've finally got somewhere, and can share some of that information.

The first thing - of hopefully many to come - that I've managed to do that has developed from all this investigating is finding out Cher's 1970's solo singles sales.

The following list compiles Cher's solo top ten best-selling worldwide singles released during the 1970's.

1. "Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves"
Released in 1971, sold 2,957,000 copies

Without a doubt, Cher's biggest solo hit of the 1970's, in terms of chart positions and sales, is this 1971 classic. Lifted as the first single from Cher's self-titled album from that year, the song spent two weeks atop the American singles chart, a total of nine weeks in the top ten and went top five in at least half-a-dozen other countries, including the UK.

2. "Half Breed"
Released in 1973, sold 2,132,000 copies

Cher's second American chart-topper, which also spent two weeks at number 1, spent a total of twenty weeks on the charts, beating her first. The song was the first - and only - single released from her 1973 hit album "Half-Breed".

3. "Dark Lady"
Released in 1974, sold 1,674,000 copies

Recorded whilst "Half Breed" was climbing up the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, Cher hit the number 1 spot on that very chart for the third time in less than two-and-a-half years with this single, which was the title track to her 1974 album.

4. "Take Me Home"
Released in 1979, sold 1,076,000 copies

This disco track was released in early 1979, and marched up the charts with several other notable hits of the genre, to give Cher her fourth Gold-certified American hit of the decade. It spent eighteen weeks on the chart, including two weeks at its peak position of number 8. The track served as the title track and debut single of her first album released that year.

5. "The Way of Love"
Released in 1972, sold 980,000 copies

The follow-up to "Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves", and the second single from their shared parent album was this ballad. It didn't match the former hit's worldwide success, but it was a huge hit in America; it spent ten weeks on the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100, including three weeks in the top ten, reaching a peak position of number 7.

6. "Living In A House Divided"
Released in 1972, sold 352,000 copies

Released as the first single of Cher's 1972 album "Foxy Lady", this song spent six weeks in the top 40 of the American singles chart, spending two weeks at its highest position of number 22. Unbeknownst to the public, the lyrics somewhat mirrored the real-life happenings of Sonny & Cher's marriage at the time.

7. "Train of Thought"
Released in 1974, sold 327,000 copies

This track was the second single from Cher's "Dark Lady" album. It spent almost three months on the American charts, reaching number 27.

8. "Don't Hide Your Love"
Released in 1972, sold 194,000 copies

The second single from "Foxy Lady" was this uptempo pop tune co-written by Neil Sedaka. It spent two months on the chart, peaking at number 46.

9. "I Saw A Man & He Danced With His Wife"
Released in 1974, sold 184,000 copies

Cher's final hit for her early 1970's record label MCA was this single that just missed the top 40 in America. During a nine-week stay on the chart, the song rose to number 42.

10. "Wasn't It Good"
Released in 1979, sold 134,000 copies

The follow-up to her million-selling 1979 disco top ten tune "Take Me Home" failed to capture the same success, instead it peaked at number 49 during a seven-week run in the charts.