Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Photos - Cher at LAX Airport

Cher at LAX AirportSuperstar Cher was photographed at LAX Airport just days ago!
Iconic singer and actress Cher was snapped in a series of photographs at the Lost Angeles International (LAX) Airport on Monday. The 'You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me' singer was sporting a somewhat gothic all-black attire; her outfit included black Ugg boots, a black cowboy hat, black leggings and a black sweater patterned with silver crosses.
The popular entertainer is currently working on her 25th solo studio album which, according to Cher herself, will hopefully see a release in a few months time. It will be her first since the top-ten dance album 'Living Proof' which was released over ten years ago.

Cher sporting a somewhat gothic style
Cher cheerful at the Los Angeles Airport


  1. she looks nice but the first photo is... :o

  2. She is make up free, so she looks amazing really.