Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cher Tweets "I'm Still Betting On Her" After Showbiz Pal Joan Rivers Is Placed On Life Support

Cher with Joan Rivers
American comedienne Joan Rivers was rushed to hospital a few day ago when she suddenly stopped breathing during surgery on her vocal chords. Fellow entertainer Cher has since used Twitter to say, "Hey Joan, hurry and get well. I know you and you're the toughest chick on our block."

One Cher fan (@Steven_Scibetta) then asked the 'Woman's World' singer, "Are you and Joan close?" She answered, "I love her! Have known her since Uncle Sam was Nephew Sam."

The 68-year-old then uploaded a photograph (above, right) of Joan and herself from the 1980's, with the caption, "'Here's lookin' at you kid'".

About the two-tone photograph, a fan (@sspring) asked Cher, "Do you still have that dress? It's gorgeous!" The dark-haired vocalist responded, "I can get one toe into it! You must realize that I was almost 5-foot-8 and weighed 106 pounds until 48. Wee little thing".

Yesterday, the news that 81-year-old Rivers was placed on life support began to circulate, leading Cher to tweet, "Just heard about Joan. My heart will break. I'm still betting on her".

Today, Cher returned to the social networking site to write about Joan's daughter Melissa, "Shame on those who say 'Melissa refuses to believe a world might exist without her mom Joan Rivers in it'. She loves her mom. We all do. Heartless... They have no empathy. It's a story to them. For Melissa, it's her beloved mother, whom she might lose. Their lives are intertwined".

Short shares:

  • Cher tweeted: "Rehearsal. Taking a break, listening to Cyndi Lauper sing 'What's Goin' On''! Sing it you amazing biatch! That voice will take your voice to heaven".
  • Cher was ranked 45th on Time Magazine's "The Ultimate Ranking of Pop Stardom" list - based on artist's amount of weeks in the US Hot 100's Top 10. 

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