Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Cher Extends North American 'Dressed To Kill Tour'

Singer Cher has added five more US dates to her current North American tour.

The movie, music and fashion icon began her current critically-acclaimed and hugely-successful 'Dressed To Kill Tour' in March this year and then wrapped up its first leg in July. The 68-year-old will resume the tour this month, with its second leg beginning on 11 September.

Prior to today, it was believed that the tour's second leg would climax on 3 November. However, news has just arrived that due to her having so much "fun" on the tour, five more dates have been added to the end of its second leg - which will now end on 19 November.

The superstar tweeted, "Having too much fun to stop now - new D2K Tour dates!", alongside a poster (below) which showcases the freshly-announced concerts' whereabouts and dates:

  • Lubbock, Texas on 9 November
  • Austin, Texas on 11 November
  • Corpus Christi, Texas on 13 November
  • Bossier, Los Angeles on 15 November
  • Charleston, South Carolina on 19 November


Publication 'Lubbock Avalanche-Journal' quickly expressed delight that Cher will be performing in Lubbock, Texas, by showcasing a number of the Goddess of Pop's raving 'Dressed To Kill Tour' reviews:

* Joey Guerra from the Houston Chronicle gave a positive review from her performance in Houston, writing: “There’s no one quite like Cher. And there’s nothing quite as spectacular as a Cher show.”

* Tiney Ricciardi from the Dallas Morning News praised her performance in Dallas, writing that the singer “wowed the audience with exact vocal execution” and “looked fabulous doing it.”

* Eva Raggio from the Dallas Observer also acclaimed the show in Dallas, writing Cher “brought Vegas to Dallas and delivered the greatest spectacle of the year.”

* Jerry Wofford from the Tulsa World was impressed with the show, commenting on the singer’s humor and vocal power, writing: “She was carefree and irreverent and hilarious.”

* Dave McKenna from the Washington Post called the performance in Washington D.C. “outrageous” and “gutsy,” while noting there were “plenty of nods to the old days.”

* Ben Rayer writing for The Star gave the singer’s performance in Toronto three out of four stars, writing that “the 67-year-old’s performance sent tidal waves of elation through the arena.”

* James Reed from the Boston Globe praised her performance at the TD Garden, writing the singer was “in exceptional form, as a singer and entertainer.”

* Chris Azzopardi, writing for Between the Lines, gave a positive review at the performance in Detroit, calling the show “jaw-dropping, frilly, and elaborately produced.”

* Jeff Miers, from The Buffalo News, wrote that her performance in Buffalo offered a “visceral thrill, one that everyone appeared to be willing to indulge in.”

* Tony Lofaro from the Ottawa Citizen praised the concert in Ottawa, writing that Cher is “a pop diva supreme with timeless quality and an over-worked Vegas patter with just enough titillating sexiness to send everybody home giddy.”

* A.D. Amorosi from   Philly.com   wrote that the singer’s voice in Philadelphia was “delicious, filled with deep, long vowels, even when iced-over by Auto-Tune robotics.”

* Laura DeMarco, writing for The Plain Dealer, commented on her performance in Cleveland, writing Cher “did not disappoint on her aptly dubbed tour” and the show was “full-on entertainment, from the fashion to the sounds of the set.”

* Jim Farber, from the New York Daily News, wrote her joyful performance in New York City “came from its mission to defy common notions of taste, age and even self-parody.”

* Melissa Ruggieri from Access Atlanta gave a positive review of the performance in Atlanta calling the singer “irreplaceable” and writing Cher’s shows are “spectacles that are embellished to the point of excess.”

* Jim Abbott, from the Orlando Sentinel, noted there was “plenty of heart in Cher’s spectacle” and “enough humor and shoot-from-the-hip candor to humanize the flashy excesses.”

* Timothy Finn, from the Kansas City Star, wrote the singer “justified her eminence” with a performance “that showcased her career in music, television and film and showed off her physical endurance, which is still impressive, especially for a 68-year-old.”

* Francois Marchand, from the Vancouver Sun, wrote the show was “an elaborate display that took fans on an aural and visual trip down memory lane,” and added it “was eye candy and glitter galore throughout.”

* Mikael Wood, writing for the Los Angeles Times, praised the performance at Staples Center, writing that the concert felt “reassuringly human, even low-key at points.”

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  1. I wish she would come to Charleston, West Virginia.