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Cher To Wear THREE outfits on Monday's 'Dancing With The Stars'

Cher, who will guest judge on Monday's 'Dancing With The Stars'On Monday, Cher will be a guest judge on ABC's 'Dancing With The Stars'. The 'Take Me Home' singer talked about the upcoming appearance yesterday - and E! Online have provided all the details:

You better sit down kids, because we've got all the scoop on Cher's upcoming stint as a guest judge on Dancing with the Stars!

While you may think that Cher would be fairly well suited for judging a dance competition, which she will be doing on the ABC reality hit's Monday night show, it ain't necessarily so. Says who, you ask? Says Cher, we answer!

"I'm so not qualified to be judging on a technical basis because I don't know anything about ballroom dancing," Cher admitted to reporters on a conference call on Friday. "I just don't want to be responsible for someone getting a different mark than a professional would give them. So I am a little worried about that part."

The singer knows very well how difficult competing on the show can be after watching her son Chaz Bono vie for the mirrorball trophy in 2011. "It's overcoming your fear, and then going into a place that you've never gone before and actually finding that you're able to do something that you're astounded that you're able to do," she said. "I think I wouldn't do it, because I'd just be too frightened."

Cher might also shy away from competing due to her long-time foot injury, caused by a piece of gym equipment falling on it. "I took [the cast] off after two weeks and started dancing on it immediately because I had to be in Las Vegas," she explained. "I've just been dancing on it all these years, but year by year, it's gotten worse." (We're not going to make a "If I Could Turn Back Time" reference here, even though we could.)

Cher, who will guest judge on Monday's 'Dancing With The Stars'

The Burlesque star said that she almost exclusively wears motorcycle boots as she works, until she goes in for a procedure to fix the problem. "I'm excited about it too, because then I'll be able to get back in my high heels, and there's not a girl who likes wearing high heels more than me."

For those of you wondering what Cher might wear on Monday night, we got you, babes. Of course, a lady famous for her extravagant costumes isn't going to pick just one. "There's three of them," the singer revealed. "But it's not all beaded and stuff like that, because that's going to be well taken care of by everyone else there."

You can say that again! With regards to those tight, sparkly outfits typically seen on DWTS, Cher's got quite a bit of experience, and has a lot of respect, saying, "They're very complicated pieces, I mean besides being beautiful. It's like a drawbridge; it has to work."

So can we expect any quick steps or tangos to show up in Cher's upcoming tour after this judging gig? "I don't think there will be any ballroom dancing in our show, but you know, since people like it…I say no, but that would be kind of cool."

For what it's worth, we believe it would be very cool.

Dancing With the Stars airs Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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  • Cher's new single ' I Hope You Find It' has climbed one spot to #35 on this week's UK Singles Chart whilst new album 'Closer To the Truth' remains at #10 on the Album Chart.

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  1. I AM SURE CHER will look GREAT
    CHER will be an amazing judge as she was on The Voice!