Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cher's 'Closer To The Truth' Scores Mighty In Blighty

Cher's new album 'Closer To The Truth' has entered the UK Top 5.

Today, Cher scored her second-highest charting studio album of all-time in the UK (after 1991 chart-topper 'Love Hurts') as 'Closer To The Truth' debuted at #4 (selling 14,621 copies). It is a massive improvement on her last studio album, 2001's 'living Proof', which bizarrely only reached #46 - though was certified Gold. All five positions on the fresh chart are occupied by debuts:

1. Tribute - John Newman
2. Lightning Bolt - Pearl Jam
3. New - Paul McCartney
4. Closer To The Truth - Cher
5. Perhaps Love - Jonathan & Charlotte

Cher's new single 'I Hope You Find It' has returned her to the UK charts too - for the first time since Living Proof's sole single 'The Music's No Good Without You' in 2001 - by entering at #25 (selling 11,824 copies). Not only does it expand Cher's span of top 30 hits in Britain - nicknamed Blighty - to a whopping six decades, it also makes Cher the oldest female solo artist to have a Top 30 hit single in the country.

That's not all though... Cher's 1998 chart-topping single 'Believe' - which is the best-selling female hit of all-time in the UK - has re-entered the country's dance chart at #18!

Short share:
  • 'Dear Mom, Love Cher' has been nominated in the Documentary Film and TV Show Produced by a Woman categories at this year's Women's Image Awards.
Buy Cher's new US#3 album 'Closer To The Truth' from Amazon or Amazon UK and her record-breaking new hit single 'I Hope You Find It' from Amazon or Amazon UK.


  1. Thank God the singles chart in the UK is still based a lot on SALES. Cher's singles always got a big boost from her sales of PHYSICAL singles. In the USA market, they refuse to put out physical singles and artists like Cher suffer. Her US music should have been put out on CD-Single and even 12" vinyl to help her on the charts. Anyway, nice to see it was done correctly in Europe and it helped her single chart!

  2. Also, in the UK mainstream radio WILL play older artists. In the USA older artists are relagated to Adult Contemporary Radio. Even worse, Adult Contemporary Radio in the USA will play older men but not as much with older women. Cher's I Hope You Find It charted on the UK singles chart due to physical CD-Singles being SOLD and because mainstream radio in the UK added it. Neither of those 2 things will happen in the USA market so it is rather sad.

  3. Totally belongs in Europe she never gets the recognition she deserves in my opinion. I think this album is one of her bests. I really hope the next song will be Take It Like A Man I hope she releases more singles of the album. In the UK she only released The Music's No Good Without You of Living Proof.

  4. Warner Brothers should have released Closer to the Truth in Europe FIRST. Because Europe is not as Ageist and SEXIST as here in the USA, Cher would have had recognition from Europe that USA radio programmers would see. Either way it is rather sad to see how I Hope You Find It is being played in the UK in particular and of course singles at radio help album sales. They did not do a good job with Living Proof. The Music's No Good Without You was one of the weakest songs on Living Proof. They should have put much more out to radio and why they did not I will never know. Closer to the Truth is full of wonderful songs!

  5. Its really scary to see the CRAP that makes it to Billboard TOP 200 album, esp top 10,, holy crap, its music i would NEVER buy,, and crazy thing is they last on the #1 spot for a second,, its good to see CHER after 3 weeks is still in top 20

  6. The USA music charts are a joke. The Billboard Hot 100 is absurd now and the album chart even worse. Nearly ALLLLL albums debut in the Top 5 and fall fast usually in week 2. Many albums in the Top 200 album chart are not even real physical albums. Many are EPs that only are downloaded. Many of the albums in the Top 200 are old Best Of/Greatest Hits and old albums that are sold/downloaded VERY cheap like $3.99. If Cher can hold on in the Top 200 US Billboard Chart for 12 weeks it is very good and if she holds on 20 weeks it is a big deal.

  7. It seems proof that UK is not as ageist or prejudice when it comes to music.

  8. Yes, the UK is great when it comes to that. They play good music. They GET that good music can still come from a 67 year-old Woman. The USA does not get it. Sad since we in the USA never get to hear older women on the radio.