Thursday, September 05, 2013

Cher On 'Daybreak': I'm Really Shy

Cher was interviewed on UK morning show 'Daybreak'.

The 'Just Like Jesse James' singer was back on the UK small screen this morning - following yesterday's BBC1 'Breakfast' appearance - for an interview with ITV's 'Daybreak'.

'Daybreak' interviewer Ross King asked Cher to reveal something about herself that the general public doesn't know; Cher responded, "The only thing I think people - I don't know if they know it or not - is that I'm really shy. Now, I was so shy as a child that I couldn't dial information for my mother, I could not bring myself to talk to the operator and ask, you know, 'Do you have so-and-so?'. Also, I was dyslexic, so my whole childhood in school was a nightmare."

Cher shared a little about her life at home; "At home I don't care about make-up, I don't care about clothes, I just bum around in fabulous old neon work-out clothes. I don't go out like a bum anymore though because you can't go any places or anything without someone... Now it's crazy, everyone takes your picture and it's like in two seconds on Instagram and Facebook and I don't like that. I truly don't like that at all."

When asked, "Are you really happy?", Cher - sporting a very tight pair of pants/trousers - responded, "I am happy, you know, I have really good friends, I have great children. I love my album, which I haven't been able to say very many times in my life. And then when I take these pants off, I'll be so much happier."

The album that Cher loves is of course her new one, 'Closer To The Truth', available to pre-order.


    BTW What a powerful video about Chevron damage to Ecuador

  2. I am in the US., NYC I CANT VIEW tis video of Ross interviewing CHER.. has any1 here in the states been able to see it?

  3. Christopher go over to and you will see the interview. There is a topic for it and it works. I love this site since it is just news news news and Daniel gets the news right away!

  4. thnx Janet,, DANIEL's site is AMAZING

  5. I cannot wait for Cher to be back in the UK promoting the album. I hope she performs on the X Factor and goes on Graham Norton loved both her appearances on there.

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