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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

'Cher News' Presents Your All-Time Favorite Cher Music Videos: Part Two

The top five Cher music videos voted for by fans...

Of course, we're all waiting for the premiere of Cher's brand new music video for her current single 'Woman's World'. And whilst waiting for the four-minute-flick, let's continue counting down the music videos from Cher's back-catalogue that you fans voted as your favorites.

You were all asked to list your five all-tuime favorite Cher music videos, in order, and submit them to 'Cher News' to be calculated for a count down!

In numbers 10-6, we saw supernatural Cher, outerspace Queen Cher, Cher as Elvis, Cher as an electronic virus and one where she's just, well, Cher! And the latter is what we see in all the top five videos... Of course, there's tonnes of big hair, sexy outfits and fist-pumping - all that you expect from Cher videos.

5. I Found Someone
In the same year that she gave two famous slaps to Nicholas Cage's face in the movie 'Moonstruck' (along with the classic line "snap out of it!"), Cher gave her real-life then-boyfriend Rob Camiletti a great slap in the chops in this Cher-directed music video which sees Rob leave Cher for another woman. But Cher puts on her glad rags, struts past Rob and his new beau in a club and makes him jealous by dirty dancing with another man. Of course, Rob comes crawling back - but gets the slap he deserves!

4. Save Up All Your Tears

There are four different outfit changes in this 1991 video - including one very revealing dominatrix-style ensemble which, with the hair included, looks like it could've been partly the inspiration for the image of TV's mid-to-late-1990's 'Xena: Warrior princess'. Anyway, Cher - looking a million dollars in the aforemetioned outfits which nicely show off the majority of her tattoos - is seen singing the song in a very smoky surrounding. It makes you wonder how Cher managed to breathe with all that smoke!

3. Alive Again
Such a simple video - yet clearly loved by her fans as it has gained bronze status in the list of your-all-time favorite Cher music videos. A video was required for the song when it was released as a single in Germany, so footage was used that was initially intended for an advertisement for the song's parent album 'Living Proof'. Cher does various actions and poses in a blue room in a handful of ensembles.

2. Song For The Lonely
Silver status goes to yet another 'Living Proof' track - the first North American single from the album, 'Song For The Loenly'. The song was dedicated to the people of New York following the 9/11 attacks - this is reflected in the video. Directed by Stu Maschwitz, the video sees Cher walk through the streets of the Big Apple as its being constructed over the last two centuries. Citizens from different eras of New York follow Cher through the streets until Cher departs to a rooftop to sing to the crowd that she has gathered.

1. If I Could Turn Back Time
Getting gold... Well this one just had to be number one, didin't it! Cher struts her stuff in a an iconic outfit singing along to what is arguably her signature hit. Oh did I mention that the iconic oufit is a very revealing bodystocking. Or that all this takes place on the USS Missouri battleship? Or that there's dozens of sailors onboard? Or that MTV banned it during daylight hours due to its saucy content? Oh yes, it's got it all going on! And of course, there's a healthy amount of big hair and fist-pumping to satisfy every Cher fan's need too!

Coming soon: 'Cher News' Presents Your All-Time Favorite Cher Album Covers: Part One! (Sneak peek: #10 is 'It's A Man's World')

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  1. Daniel I love your site!!! Who are you? I'm new to this!

    1. Thank you! I'm just a big Cher fan like the rest of you :)

  2. Daniel's site is by FAR THE BEST.
    dig em all! what is there not to dig about CHER??!!,, also dig Hell on Wheels, although not out as a video, it has been said she was the first to make a video, always HEAD of her time as usual

  3. HELL ON WHEELS is indeed out as a video - you can see it on YOUTUBE

    1. as a cher i know that,, not being rude,seen it a 100's times,,, but it was never featured on MTV/VH1 as a video,,,it was a promo for Prison album,, i think?

  4. Yes I visit this quite often! Love the site! Glad Cher has entered into adult contemporary !

  5. Daniel what do you think of WW entering Billboards Adult Contemporary at #30? Do you think it has a shot at # 1? It means to me it's getting some airplay!

  6. Hell On Wheels was a video and pre-MTV. It was done as a song mini-movie. That is what they called it back then in 1979 when it was used to promote when Cher went on different talk shows. That was a fun video!

    James, I am very happy Cher is at AC Radio now. Cher belongs on radio and at least AC Radio is less Ageist than regular Pop. I hope Warners puts out physical singles for Woman's World since Cher CAN sell CD-Singles and 12" vinyl!!! I hope Cher sings on the VMA's and goes on ALL the award shows this upcoming season 2013-2014.

    1. Hi Janet, so is it fair to say CHER really started the whole Music Video movement?

    2. Totally agree! I do think the album will be a HUGE success!

  7. When exactly will the video premiere? I'm so excited for it!


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