Tuesday, August 06, 2013

'Cher News' Presents Your All-Time Favorite Cher Music Videos: Part One

A countdown of fans favorite Cher music videos...

Some days back, regarding 'Woman's World, major music publication Billboard wrote that, "An official music video for the song is forthcoming, and could debut within the next few weeks." And whilst we wait for the 'Woman's World' music video which we're bound to love, let's count down your favorite music videos of Cher's career that we all already love!

Last month, you were all asked to list your five all-time favorite Cher music videos, in order, and to submit them to 'Cher News' in one of many ways.

The votes came and they've been calculated to form this countdown - so let's take a look!

10. Strong Enough
In tenth place in your all-time favorite Cher music videos is the one for Cher's 1999 million-selling hit 'Strong Enough'. Directed by Nigel Dick, and starring actress Shannyn Sossamon, the video sees a silver-haired Cher as an electronic virus initially appearing on the side of a residential building as it's struck by lightning before going on to take over the computer and television screens in it. At the start of the video, the instrumental opening of 'Believe' can be heard.

9. Believe
Talking of 'Believe'... This is Cher's best-selling single of all-time and was number one in the countdown of your all-time favorite Cher songs - but its video isn't any higher than number 9 on this countdown of your all-time favorite Cher music videos. This video was the predecessor of 'Strong Enough' and was also directed by Nigel Dick. The video sees Cher as a supernatural being in a glass encasing in the center of a busy nightclub who reaches out to one of the party-goers and at one point transports herself onto a stage to sing.

8. The Music's No Good Without You
The first of three music videos from Cher's 2001 studio album 'Living Proof' in your top ten is this one. Annoyingly left out of her 2003 'The Very Best of Cher - The Video Hits Collection' DVD despite its hit status, Cher features in this music video as a heart-broken blonde-haired Queen in outer space who posts numerous messages-in-bottles to her former lover and sends them into space.

7. Heart of Stone
Cher once said that this song typifies her the most - and that comes across in its 1989 video. In it, Cher stands alone in a room with two large screens that first display footage of her younger self, her children Chaz and Elijah, her former loves Sonny Bono, Gregg Allman and Rob Cammiletti before moving on to scenes of world-famous heartrending events, great injustice, people of power, war, peace, drugs and poverty.

6. Walking In Memphis
As she stated during the filming of her 1999 'Do You Believe? Tour about this 1995 video - "I didn't play Elvis - I was Elvis" - Cher lost herself into the role of the King of Rock & Roll in this black-and-white music video for her cover of the Marc Cohn hit. Of course, Cher could also be seen as herself in the video too - sitting on the steps of a bus looking like a black-haired relative of animated character Jessica Rabbit.

Coming soon: 'Cher News' Presents Your All-Time Favorite Cher Music Videos: Part Two

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  • 'Woman's World' has fallen from #1 to #3 on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Songs chart this week
  • 'Woman's World' has debuted at #30 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart this week
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  1. Thank God for that contemporary chart! Finally!

  2. How did the song happen onto adult contemporary

  3. dig em all! what is there not to dig about CHER,, also dig Hell on Wheels, although not out as a video, it has been written she was the first to make a video, always HEAD of her time as usual